A network for puppy owners and fans alike!

Admins (you must be following ALL of them):

Typical perks:

  • make more mutuals/friends

  • selfie/original post reblogs

  • promos

  • help w/ anything like themes or advice or anything

  • we can have group chats/tinychats/etc

  • a spot in our page:


  • if accepted must have link/badge somewhere on your blog

  • be willing to follow people/reblog from the tag

  • track the tag 

  • be active and participate in chats

How to apply:

  • follow the admins

  • reblog this post (likes can be used for bookmarking)

  • fill out this form

If you want to be noticed, you’ll have a MUCH higher chance of being picked by consistently reblogging things from the admins and talking to them. We’re looking for fun people to be in a network with so be friendly. Tag us in your stuff so we can reblog it and check your blog, whatever. We don’t bite. Just follow the rules, the admins, and this advice and you should be fine. :) Good luck to everyone! Vivant et canes