sarfatiandberry said: really, you think it’s disgusting? i think it’s funny as hell haha… it’s so ridiculous that it becomes fucking hilarious

idk it just pisses me off like why would people do something like that, i mean i went through their blog once and it made me so angry they talk so bad about lea, idk ._. but yeah their reasons to hate on lea are sooooo stupid, it is becoming hilarious hah

lopesberry said: ugh anon don’t bring this back

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1) What’s your biggest fear? That someone in my family will die. 2) Favorite song? Can’t decide!! But Our December by Thriving Ivory is amazing, same with All Too Well by Taylor Swift. And right now I really love Always Love by Nada Surf. 3) First love? Well, not gonna say his name, but there’s this guy that was my bestfriend till I was 10, then I moved. We’re still pretty close, but he doesn’t know I really like him. He just makes me really happy, and he’s one of the most amazing people I know. 4) What did you think about the “Break Up” episode? It was so sad!!! But in a way it made sense, and I think it made this season more interesting. Also super-impressed with how incredible all the actors were in the episode. 5) The last time you cried, and the reason why? I think it was a few days ago, just because I was really stressed about everything happening, and so done with my step-dad. And some family members. 
6) Why you follow me?  Because you’re a monchele fan, so I had to! And also because your blog is super awesome :)
7) How many followers do you have? 272 :)
8) Favorite actor/actress? Sophia Bush, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.
9) How did you find out Tumblr? I think I saw someone talk about it twitter a few years ago, and I decided to check it out.
10) Your opinions on mariage for everyone?
I think you can’t decide who you fall in love with, it just happens, and when it does it’s the most wonderful thing, and anyone should be able to show the world how much they love each-other.
11) Best thing that ever happened in your life?
A few things, actually. Going to a Taylor Swift concert, being an exchange-student in the U.S, and going to New York and Nashville! My questions: 1.Favorite memory?
2.What do you want to do when you grow up, and is it the same as when you were a kid?
3.Your favorite character from a show/movie/book, and why?
4.Why are you following me(if you are)?
5.If you could be in any show/movie, who would you be?
6.Cats or dogs?
7.Who was your first crush?
8.If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
9.Chocolate or chips?
10.Craziest thing you ever did?
11.Why did you join tumblr?