The new year is nearing and I just wanted to thank all my followers, you mean a lot to me, and some people in particular.

First of all I want to thank my SASS team: sophie1973, mimozka & awriterincowboyboots. You make this Tumblr experience even more fun than it already is and I can’t imagine to have the same experience without you girls! I look forward to when we’ll meet in May!

Then I also want to say thank you to the people that I talk to (some more often than others) and to whom I should talk more often. But nevertheless don’t forget that I really love you guys and I hope to meet you all one day! So thank you amandaecs, carolinas-dreams, olicityarrowfan (can’t wait to meet you too in May!), effie214, jbuffyangel, ageofaquarius , erinspirateanonwedlakeserenities.

Also a special thank you to humansrsuperior for putting up with my many questions and requests for your redbubble art. I’m really grateful and I just love everything I have bought :D

I also want to thank theirhappystory & ohmypreciousgirl for organising the Olicity Hiatus Project. I met some really nice people and it forced me to do something creative. I even ended up writing some fan fic, which I really like doing. I only hope I will have more time for writing in the next year :)

This is the first time I do a follow forever, however I won’t do it alphabetically like most follow-forevers but I will try to order them according to the ‘fandom’ I know them from:

Arrow (the flash)

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Once Upon A Time

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The 100

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Happy holidays everyone!! And I hope you will have everything you wish for in the new year :)