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All of Prince Oberyn’s daughters have his viper eyes. The color does not matter.

the older sand snakes + taking after their father


Recasting Game of Thrones: The Sand Snakes:

Cynthia Addai Robinson as Obara

Deepika Padukone as Nymeria

Anastasia Tsilimpiou as Tyene

Maria Borges as Sarella 


Martell Women, Part Two: The Sand Snakes

Obara, daughter of Prince Oberyn and a Oldtown whore. Brought to Dorne when she was six, Obara is big boned and fierce. She carries a spear, whip, and shield with her. When Elia died, Obara was twelve and had known her aunt for several years. Her father mourned so deeply that it left a lasting impression on her and kindled a hatred of Lannisters. 

Nymeria, daughter of Prince Oberyn and a noble of Volantis. She was only two when her mother gave her to her father to care for. Called Lady Nym, she has all of her mother’s beauty and political sense. Her preferred weapons are daggers, and she has been known to hide up to a dozen of them on her person. When Elia died Nymeria was nine, and although she had only met her once she saw the grief it caused her father. 

Tyene, daughter of Prince Oberyn and a Lannisport septa. Her mother fled to Dorne when she realized she was pregnant, and although she has since returned to the sept, Tyene has never known anything but Dorne. In her youth she tried to be as devout as her mother, encouraged by her love of embroidery and music, hoping to join her in the sept. When Elia died, Tyene was seven and had never met her aunt. The more she grew the more she heard, and when she set aside her dream of the sept it was because she never wanted to be as helpless as Elia had been. Tyene can brew and use poisons as well as her father, and no matter what blade she chooses, it is poison that is her weapon.

Sarella, daughter of Prince Oberyn and a captain from the Summer Isles. Even as a child Sarella wanted to know everything. She read her uncle’s history books and begged to visit the places she heard about in stories. From the moment she learnt of the Citadel, she wanted to go. Oberyn had never denied his daughters anything.

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How is GRRM racist regarding Dorne? I'm latinoamerican so supposedly "closer" to the Dornish culture and there is nothing that strikes me as offensive, contrary to the treatment of the Dothraki for example.

This is not going to be exhaustive. There are fans of colour who write about this issue way better than I can, and I’d suggest you try the tags at @asoiafuniversity as well. But there are things that stick out to me.

There are things like this:

“My lady?” he called. “Where are you?”

“Here.” [Arianne] stepped out from the shadow behind the door.

An ornate snake coiled around her right forearm, its copper and gold scales glimmering when she moved. It was all she wore.

- The Soiled Knight, AFFC

This is our substantial introduction to Arianne. There’s a whole lot of important plot stuff she’s got to say, including her own motivation, and we start with her naked and wearing a bit of snake jewellery. It’s the same exotic-erotic treatment as the Summer Islanders get, another bit of “wtf, GRRM, why.” We don’t need that sort of crap in the story.

There are also structural issues with the story, which gets into speculation. While the Martells and several Dornish characters have humanising detail to them, unlike the Dothraki, the function of the most prominent Dornish characters looks to me like it’s “be wrong/fail, suffer, die.” Quentyn’s story is a brilliant bit of writing in and of itself - but he’s also a character of colour who fails at being a hero in a series where the ultimate successes are all going to be white. Similarly, I strongly suspect that any success Arianne wins in her own story will immediately be undone by a white character, and when she dies we’ll all know she fucked up big time. Doran’s got a clear and important place in the ongoing discussion of revenge - but the characters taking up and acting on GRRM’s ultimately preferred moral position are, again, all going to be white. Except Ellaria, and I don’t like her chances of survival either. Doran’s going to suffer for his stance in the meantime, at the cost of a lot of named characters of colour. It’s not unthinkable that most of the named and seen-on-page Dornish characters die. Alleras (aka Sarella Sand) is the only exception I see on the horizon, and she’s way less developed as a character thus far than her cousins and uncle, or even her father. Their stories in miniature are, for the most part, good stories. Zoom out to look at their places in the series as a whole, and a more worrying pattern emerges.

While failure isn’t exclusive to GRRM’s developed characters of colour, the vast majority of those characters look to be set up to fail by the story. Unlike many of the white PoV characters, I don’t think they’ll be afforded the narrative space for a second chance. When the Martells and associated Sands are the only characters of colour in this vast series with real voices, agency, and stories of their own, and 90% of those stories seem doomed to end in failure and tragedy…I think there’s a problem.