I love the bold colors of this anarkali kameez.    It’s festival and formal-wear worthy, and comfortable.   It’s available at Sareez, which offers free shipping (and free return shipping) to the US, UK, and Canada with no minimum order restrictions.     

The folks of the Indian subcontinent figured out the skinny pants + long tunic combo (salwar kameez) way before everyone else did and have the best color combos ever.  

Not having any ancestry from the subcontinent, I had to wait till I was older and broadened my circle of friends to learn about all of these wonderful things.   (Although I was aware of Bollywood music and movies decades ago, thanks to the ridiculous amount of leased-time TV, cable-access programming, and other odd-hours TV I watched as a kid…)

[Anyways, special thanks to hijabeng for helping me find a gorgeous purple anarkali kameez in Jackson Heights this past Sunday.]