I was reading my bible there, I’m reading a lot of Romans at the minute. (It’s a great book, check it out!) I just have a few verses from Romans 12 to share. “So brothers and sisters, since God has shown great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to him. Your offering must only be for God and pleasing to him. Do not change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but be changed within your way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you in your life, what is good and pleasing to him, and perfect. ” Romans 12 v 1-3. I see so many well known encouraging verses, which I love! But this one kinda came at me out of nowhere. I had been praying about the future as I often do these days, Uni is an all too close reality to start planning for! And I guess it was just God saying “hey, chill. I’ve got this! You just need to calm down a little and be yourself. Because that’s the only way you’ll see me through the smokescreen. ” Just thought it was pretty cool :)