sarcastic valentines


high school au where hancock is the stoner who excels in history

piper is the fucking nerdy ass reporter for the schools newspaper, which is really not as cool as she thinks it is but whatever

cait isnt in it because shes been expelled three times

valentine is the vending machine

Nick Valentine is honestly everything I aspire to be

An old soul too good and too pure for this world who can also be savage as fuck when provoked

What the signs are doing on Valentine's Day

Aries: glaring out the window at every couple that passes by
Taurus: probs watching lifetime movies
Gemini: bought too many flowers for their lover and attracts a swarm of bees
Cancer: crying, but eating really good chocolates so it’s all good
Leo: receives a many presents…from themselves…
Virgo: plans out a really cute date in their head, but never actually goes on said date
Libra: instead of wasting money on presents, buys themselves clothes
Scorpio: sitting inside with the shades down and all the lights off and watching horror movies
Sagittarius: eating a bunch of chocolate and then getting sick
Capricorn: goes on a picnic date but it starts raining
Aquarius: doesn’t even notice it’s Valentine’s Day
Pisces: watching Romantic movies with their significant other, but then they start crying because it was too sad