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Tumblr Yoongi (2/7)

Snapchat Jin | Tumblr Yoongi | Periscope Namjoon | Viner Hoseok | Twitter Jimin | Youtuber Taehyung | Instagram Jeongguk

  • Won most followed tumblr 4 consecutive years in a row
  • A mix of sarcastic text posts, memes, selfies  and random art hoe posts which eVERYONE loves
  • Most popular text post has like over 1 million notes
  • Invented ‘let me touch your butt and eat pizza’ and rEGRETS IT EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Loves a good pepe
  • Actually a really good writer and always posts these rly meaningful poems about struggling with mental illnesses and then shit posts about 300 memes hoping no one notices
  • Goes about 2 years without doing a face reveal until one of his close friends (who’s also famous on twitter and has bright orange hair) f o r c e s him to post a selfie
  • Which obviously bLOWS up as he is so fuckign good looking and everyone is kind of shook af bc !!!! damn boy !!!! you fine !!! and tries to force him to post more selfies
  • He doesn’t understand at all bc he thinks hes like ? average looking
  • He does a lot of song recommendations as well
  • ALWAYS answers his hate anons with the funniest replies
  • Instagram Jeon definitely took his profile picture lmao
  • He helped write his periscope famous friend Namjoon’s debut song so they both sit down and decide to make a youtube video talking about how they wrote it and what it meant to them and people started dying some more bc !!!!! this is the guy who talks about how he’s so ugly he wants to die bUT HE’S A CUTIE
  • After the positive response he starts to make a few more youtube videos here and there with help from his youtuber friend Taehyung
  • Like random q and a’s and random tag videos with his various friends
  • He loves to write lyrics and often helps Namjoon out, forces him to be in his youtube videos often, has a thing for writing diss tracks which hint at Jimin
  • hes still bitter that he wasn’t making hella $$$$ off tumblr but now he has youtube so he getting those dollars 
  • Once he did a prank call video saying he was moving to Finland for a job and since he’s so unpredictable everyone fell for it and Jin put it on his snapchat story and Jimin was tweeting about it and he had to apologise for being so convincing
  • L O V E S making his friends into memes
  • In conclusion Tumblr!Yoongi is hilarious yet very down to earth and understands that his words can have great impact and wants to help people by sharing his own struggles mixed in with memes about his friends who he adores