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also waggles my eyebrows at u and anyone else who’s recently jumped on board this ship B^)

People: all I see is s/u crit everywhere I cannot escape it :(

Me: 🤔 hmmmm

Looks in “s/u” tag: In recent I mostly saw posts in spanish and the occasional s/u liveblogging post
Now lets look in the top: mostly s/u screenshots, the occasional nice art.

Okay lets look in St*ven Un*verse tag:
First Recent: Lots of nice s/u art/posts and even asks with the title of s/u in it. So far no s/u critical posts.
Now top: a few videos, lots of nice positive art. Seems pretty good.

Now lets look in s/u critical tag:
First recent: a few good redraws of screencaps, asks with the tag name in it, long paragraphs of people whining about the tag, people insulting others for being critical, actual posts of people who loved the show who are disappointed by its current turn. And some art of redesigns that look nice.

Top: really good videos, some funny posts, some long text posts all in all pretty good.

So are you guys actively searching for these posts? Or am I just blind? 🤔

why I doubt I’m autistic
  • I’m good at socializing. In fact, I’m great at it. I hate doing it, but I rarely get that feel of ‘umm what does that mean’ or ‘why are those ppl doing that’. I avoid social contact when I can, but I attribute that to me being an introvert (speaking of, how can you tell the difference btw social avoidance in autistics and introverts??)
  • I’m very sarcastic. I make ppl laugh with my hilarious jokes (most of the time :P). I can tell if someone’s bored or interested in what I’m saying, and if someone wants to join the conversation.
  • Out of my entire friend group, I’m the one who brought them together and reached out to initially meet them. I’m the one who makes ppl feel comfortable and wanted in a situation and I try to engage shyer ppl in conversations by finding things that we connect on. I did this as a kid, too. I remember having an ‘older buddy’ when I was in 1st grade who had severe social anxiety and I would try to make her feel comfortable and would talk to her about lord of the rings to get her to open up.
  • I can do small talk. Hate it, but I can do it. I guess I have a script for it (“How’s life?” or “What’s the coolest thing that has happened for you this week?”), though.
  • I can hold eye contact. I tend to look down and to the side or smth when ppl are telling me smth (esp for a long time), but eye contact doesn’t burn or anything for me. Ok, I have struggled occasionally (when talking for longer periods of time, esp with teachers) to know how much eye contact should I use, or where I should look (eyes?? their gesturing hands?? switch??). I remember trying to time it so that I would look at my teacher’s eyes when he looked away and vice versa bc it was uncomfortable for me to make eye contact w my male teacher. Isn’t that normal, though?? Eye contact can be weird…
  • I don’t remember ever lining toys up when I was a kid, and frankly, I can’t remember having any social aversion when I was little.

I have always felt ‘different’ for a reason I’ve never able to name, and I know that other people have noticed that I am so, but not as much as when I was younger. If I do end up being autistic, I guess I’d attribute that to me getting better at socializing and acting ‘normal’.

I do act ‘normal’. I’ve noticed that within the last four years I’ve learned to ask the right questions and act animated when someone is excitedly telling me something. I sorta have this almost, too-eager, bubbly personality that I adopt when I go up to ppl to ask them for help, for example. I even exercise my facial muscles beforehand so that I’ll be able to give someone a ‘real’ smile when I talk to them.

Ughh I just don’t know. On the one hand, I identify with so many autistic traits (more than what I’ve said here) but when it comes to the Real Autistic things like socializing difficulties, I feel like I don’t have that many issues…

If any female autistics out there can give me some info/examples from their lives that would help enlighten me about traits of a female autistic, I would love that so friggin much

(ps im in the process of researching autism to make a self dx)

The signs: a Summary
  • Aries: satan's spawn
  • Taurus: manipulative old men who like bad traditions & make too many dad jokes
  • Gemini: *says they hate drama* *starts drama for fun*
  • Cancer: cry baby assholes who need 2 get a job
  • Leo: selfish drama queens!!!! think theyre the best!!!! will yell @ u in a public space!!!!!
  • Virgo: pls get that stick out of ur ass and take a fucking bubble bath or smth
  • Libra: the most pretentious people you will ever meet
  • Scorpio: pls chill. why are u so angry. why are u so aggressive about sports
  • Sagittarius: precious perfect adventurous star children who have done nothing wrong
  • Capricorn: thinks theyre really special for liking nature or smth!!!! wow!!! good 4 u asshole!!!! u went camping!!!!!
  • Aquarius: their opinion is right 110% of the time and if u disagree they will h8 u
  • Pisces: uwu escapism uwu i cant deal with reality and need evrything 2 go my way uwu
Actual tags on Dubulge posts.. vs Taemin-bulge posts...

Dubulge: #and hellooooo pants  #dat bulge is always relevent  #that boy needs to sort himself out  #big dick daddy  #a true thing of beauty  #dont matter what hes wearing…we are all going to search for the same thing    #this man is packing  #it deserves its own stage  #i am cry its too beautiful  #YEEAAAASSSS

Taemin-Bulge: #Hes got something stuffed down there  #hahaha nice try taemin but thats not it  #it looks short haha  #what did i just read…GUYS NO   #aint no way thats actual  #awk   #i am laughing so hard  #well he tried

p sure the “y b cishet when u could b queer and trans” sentiments ppl are flipping out over range from sarcastic humor about cis ppl being boring to ppl genuinely urging ppl to explore their gender bc doing that is healthy and cool and often discouraged by our transphobic society?

fuckin chill