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Adjusting your glasses, messy braids, stormy piano pieces played in an empty house, running your fingertips over Books arranged on a shelf as you walk past, messy hieroglyphic handwriting, large cups of tea, pensive silences, video games, perfectly sharpened pencils, tshirts two sizes too big, empty museums, awkward dance moves, sarcastic retorts and sly grins, fierce protectiveness towards your friends, the value of pi, old bookstores, giggling at stupid puns, pitch darkness, catapults, obsessions, ‘Why is everyone so stupid?’, ball pen doodles on the knees of your jeans, appraising yourself in the mirror, covering any hurt with snappy comebacks, bony wrists, red velvet cake, fluctuating interests, Latin phrases, passionate debates about trivial things, naming your plant, refusing to let yourself cry, research papers, Reading wikipedia articles for fun, spouting random facts, sharing significant looks with a friend, bad hair days,  painting on your bedroom wall, reading under the blankets by the light of a torch, tattoos on your wrists, worn out converse, messy tables, stacks of journals, thinly-veiled sarcasm, , the smell of Mint.

inspired solely by @siriuslysarcastic, the most INTP person I know (the only INTP person I know)

"Guess what?! I'm not pregnant."

Summary: Drabble based on period prompts, “Guess what? I’m not pregnant.”

Pairings: Reader x Bucky (kind of)

Warnings: None really

A/N: Kind of short but this was a request and… kind of the best I could do atm?

I sighed as I walked into the kitchen, trying my hardest not to gag at the smell of food, “Good morning.”

Nat snorted as she gave me a once over glance, “Apparently not very good for everyone, huh?”

I glared at Nat as Bucky came over and rubbed my back soothingly.

“Hey… you okay? You’re not looking too good. And i’ve been meaning to ask, was that you throwing up this morning?”

I shrugged gently and moved slightly away from Bucky’s grip, “Fine. Just not hungry… and a little nauseous. Maybe that was me, maybe it wasn’t.”

Natasha scoffed lightly before giving me a sarcastic grin, “Sure sounds like you’re pregnant there, Y/N.”

I looked over at her with wide eyes, “You don’t… you aren’t… shit. I’ll be back.”

I ran out of the kitchen, pushing a concerned Bucky aside, and up to my bathroom.

The longest five minutes of my life dragged by as I waited.

After finally getting - and reading - my results I ran back downstairs and jumped around the kitchen, “Guess what? This bitch isn’t pregnant. Guess what?! I’m. Not. Pregnant.”

Bucky laughed and pulled me close to his chest, before he pressed his lips to mine,
“That’s great! …I think.”

I chuckled and nodded, “Yes!!!”

Natasha cleared her throat loudly, calling both of our attention, “I wouldn’t kiss her if I were you. She most definitely has the flu.”


“Hey Officer Janis. How ya doing this time?”you asked sarcastically and grinned as they pinned you to the car for an inspection ”Oh no, honey. I’m taken”

“Hey, hey! Isn’t that the (Y/L/N) kid? I heard that’s her sixth time already” said Soda among the boys. They all started chattering and wondered what’s going on.

“Yeah, she’s one tuff girl. I don’t know how she manages to survive in the slammer with that pretty face”said Dally. 


Imagine Stiles helping you when you’re possessed by the Nogitsune

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“Hold on, Stiles needs to do this.”

You grin, sitting forward on the couch. Pushing your wrists against the tape on your arms, you try to see how far the tape would stretch. It didn’t budge, so you left it alone.

Stiles walks into the living room a few minutes later, Scott following close behind.

“Hey Y/N,” Stiles says with a weak smile. You grin sarcastically behind your tape as he kneels before you. He rests his palm on your knee and a shot of warmth travels up your leg. It shakes something in your heart, but it’s not enough to jostle the evil out of the way. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Y/N’s not here,” you hear a voice say.

“Can I leave a message?”

A sarcastic laugh escapes, but you feel yourself nodding.

“Tell Y/N -” you shudder, and Stiles stops. Finding a bit of strength deep in your bones, you shove the Nogitsune out of the way and regain control over your own body.

“Stiles,” you gasp.

A flurry of emotions flash across Stiles’ face as he starts to speak. “Y/N, you’ve got to fight the Nogitsune. It’ll get weaker and weaker and then when it’s weak enough, we can help you destroy it. But you’ve-”

You don’t hear the end of Stiles’ speech when the Nogitsune regains control with another violent shudder.

“Time’s up.”

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TVD preferences (Male)

Theme: Jealousy

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Stefan is always the compassionate brother, he loves you very much and in return you love him just as equally. But sometimes even the infamous Stefan Salvatore can feel insecure. At parties, if he sees you talking to another guy, he tries to calmly leave you be, but right as the guy tries to make a move, (as they always do) Stefan is right up next to you, wrapping his arm around your waist and subtly pulling you close to him. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend. Pleasure to meet you.” He smiles at the man who is now uneasy. 

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  • Percy: *staring at Annabeth dreamily* "The stars sure are beautiful tonight."
  • Annabeth: *wiping sweat and grime from her forehead* "Percy, we're in Tartarus. There are no stars here. That's the evil personification of Night."
  • Percy: *flashing that annoying sarcastic grin that Annabeth finds endearing* "You know what else is beautiful?"
  • Annabeth: *blushing* "What? Me?"
  • Percy: *picking cobwebs out of Annabeth's hair* "Yeah. You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."
  • Annabeth: *slipping her hand into Percy's* "Good answer. Now it's time to jump."
  • Percy: *startled* "Wait, what?"
  • Annabeth: "Come on, babe!" *drags Percy over the edge of a cliff into oblivion*

“Look, I was thinking about names for the baby. I don’t know what we’re having yet, so I was hoping we could go back to the unisex names?” Madison said, as Cece smiled and nodded.

Sounds good. I’ll dig the list up tomorrow and we’ll go over it with Scout, she should have some say in it.

“Great. I’m sure she’ll have so much fun.”

Is that a hint of sarcasm in your voice, Madison?

“Me? Sarcastic? Nooo.”

Cece grinned and shook her head. “I want Scout to be involved, so she doesn’t feel like we’re replacing her.

“We could never replace her.” Madison replied.

Oh, I know that. She doesn’t, though.

“She’s a smart cookie. She knows we’ll love her just as much as we love our newest bundle of joy.”

I love you, you know that?” Cece grinned, and swept her wife into her arms to kiss her soundly.

[SUMMARY: Negan brings Layla back to his compound only for her to get tricked and drugged by his men.]

**Story involves mentions of rape as it was requested. Remember I get all kinds of requests. If you do not feel comfortable please do not read.**


Negan and Layla.

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Shane and/or Sam dealing with an MC who is 100% sunshine, grins and sarcastic comments because I live for this

“Good morning, Shane~” They sang happily as they practically skipped up to him where he was crouched restocking the shelves of the Joja Mart.

“Don’t.” Shane sternly held up his hand that didn’t have a can in it, not even looking in them. “It’s too early in the morning for this,” he said and set the can on the shelf then rubbing his face exhaustedly, “it’s too early for this ever. Just no.”

“Oh come on, Shane,” they smiled, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Debatable.” He spat gruffly, setting another can on the shelf then twisting it so the label was facing outwards.

“The weather is nice today too, aren’t you happy about that?”

“I literally don’t care. We’re inside.” He finally looked up at them and they could clearly see both the annoyance and vague disgust on his face. He made a sweeping gesture to the store with one of his arms. “I don’t even have to deal with the weather, why would I care?”

“The weather can still affect you in here! Like, if it’s a humid day, it might be a bit humid in here and that might irritate some people.”

“There’s more things than humidity that can make people irritated.” He grumped and repeated the process of stocking the shelf.

“Oh, come on,” they smiled broadly and set their hands on their hips. “I know you’re happy to see me!”

He laughed a gruff, coarse, nearly sarcastic laugh and asked, “How are you so sure about that?”

“Well, you’re talking to me, aren’t you?”

“My boss is right there.” He jabbed his thumb in the direction of the counter Morris was sauntering behind. “If he catches me ignoring you, I’d get in trouble.” He finally stood, picking up the empty crate that used to be completely full of cans. “I had to learn that the hard way.” He added under his breath.

“What can I do to make you happy, huh?” The asked as they followed him down the aisle.

“Stop talking.” He replies sternly, not even missing a beat.

“What if I gave you a hot pepper?” They smiled coyly.

Now, they had his attention. He stopped and glanced back at them. He seemed to be thinking intensely.

Finally, he shook his head. “Nope. Not worth it. You probably put happy pills or something in it– whatever makes you so obnoxiously peppy all the time.”

“Hey, now, I don’t take pills.” They crossed their arms defensively. “This is just how I am.”

“Oh,” Shan grinned and turned to face them. “In that case, I don’t want whatever cooties might be on it.”

“I see that grin!” A broad smile stretched across their face as Shane’s immediately turned to a frown.

“No.” He said again sternly, and turned back away again. “Now go on, you’re gonna get me fired if you keep distracting me.”

“I’ll make you happy one day, Shane! Mark my words!” They smiled determinedly.


CLIFFHANGER ENDING! This request comes to you from fuckyeahheedus and basically, I want you guys to choose the ending. I might write both anyway, depending on how much time I have and how I feel, but until then you decide. Good luck and enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Will it be cool if I request a kinda part two to there “Conceal, Don’t Feel” where she joins the avengers with Thor who’s obviously going to be her best friend and try’s to hide her relationship with Loki but they catch her talking to him when he’s in the cell made for the hulk? :D

“Conceal, Don’t Feel” (Part 2)

Part 1

Loki stood in his glass prison with his hands behind his back, facing away from the door. He remained that way even when two sets of footsteps could be heard entering the room. Silence. Loki sneered: they were waiting for him to speak first. He turned around slowly with a sarcastic grin on his face.
“So, which of you has come to-”

His face fell.

“You’re… You’re alive.” You said, on the brink of tears. Thor stood next to you with an arm on your shoulder and his brow was low as he eyed Loki’s reaction. Meanwhile, you felt yourself beginning to shake – though whether it was due to anger or shock, you weren’t yet sure.
“…(Y/n)?” Loki said, his voice breaking only slightly as he approached the glass. He pressed a hand against the window as you brushed away a tear. Your mouth was a little way open and a waterfall began to spill from your eyes. You turned and left before he could see you cry.

“Do you see now?” Thor growled. “Do you see what you’ve done?” He made to follow you, leaving Loki to wallow in his own self-pity. What were you even doing here? When he’d fallen from the bifrost, he’d thought he’d be leaving you safe in Asgard. Safe from him – until he could return a better man. A King. Pressing his back against the wall, he slid to the floor and pulled his knees against his chest.

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Ardyn liked for a starter

She heard the hard footsteps strolling to her library. Being a prisoner in her own home of Tenebrae - the Oracle knew exactly who it was that was approaching. Her blue hues glued to the entrance, awaiting the individual responsible for Lucis’s catastrophe. Luna had to refrain herself from dashing and assaulting the chancellor, believing his time would eventually perish. Once arriving, she paid no mind to his sarcastic grins - returning her attention to her studies. 

                     ❝And what gives me the honor tonight? 

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Can we have imayoshi, takao, midorima, kise and junpei's s.o imitating them in front of their friends? Ty :3


Imayoshi: They narrowed their eyes, and tried their best to grin as sarcastically as they could. “Wisdom to realize one’s ignorance,” they uttered in the Kansai dialect, trying not to laugh. They turned their head and stared into the horizon. “I’m Imayoshi and I look polite and nice but I’m a super sadist who plays mind games for fun.” 

Takao: They rested one leg on a ledge, and played the air guitar singing ‘Catal Rhythm’. They put as much passion as they could muster into the mock performance to try to emphasize his love of the song. After the performance, they pretended to be riding the rickshaw. “Shin-chan!” they called. “I’ve never won against you in Rock, Paper, Scissors before, Shin-chan!”

Midorima: “Nanodayo,” they said matter-of-factly, pushing up the imaginary glasses on their nose. They raised an upturned palm in the air, as if they were holding something. “I listen to Oha Asa every morning and because I have the star sign of Cancer, today my lucky item is a rolling pin. Luck is always on my side. Nanodayo.” 

Kise: “Kurokocchi!” they squealed in an overly exaggerated high-pitched voice, before switching back to their normal voice. “Perfect Copy!” They copied random basketball moves and positions before simply imitating their friends. “My hobby is basketball and my specialty is karaoke,” they said, flipping their hair. “Oh wait, I got them mixed up!” 

Hyuuga: “I’m going to teach you how to talk to your senpais,” they growled. “Listen to your senpai or I’ll kill you!” They raised their fist as if they were holding something precious. “And this here is my most precious warlord figure. Please sit tight as I tell you their name, special dates, and where they are from.” Finally, they glared down upon all their friends. “Clutch time.”

“Listen, I know some of you may have the jealous monster” She gives a sarcastic grin to @decdlynic​. “but you all should get over and focus on getting this money. Chin up; asses out, ladies. Let’s get ready to get this money”
  • Aries: what is that? did you see that? I saw that.
  • Taurus: it's... a fly. *rolls eyes*
  • Gemini: can somebody kill it? *looks at Scorpio*
  • Scorpio: I'm not touching it.
  • Leo: OMG. *throws pillow at the wall*
  • Cancer: but like, calm the f*ck down. *@leo*
  • Virgo: that sound is soooo annnnoyyyyyinnngggg!!
  • Aquarius: *sighs of frustration* I'm not staying if someone doesn't get rid of it.
  • Sagittarius: no wait. maybe we could make a game out of this.
  • Libra: like, who can watch Sag look stupid the longest? *sarcastic grin*
  • Capricorn: oh my Go- YOU ARE ALL SO ANNOYING. *kills fly and sits down sighing* -my goshhh.
  • Pisces: I think we annoyed cap.
Indebted CLOSED RP

There was no way this was going to end well for both parties. Loki had a mission. Retrieve what was owed to him and get out. His men have failed to retrieve his money from the old drunk, so he would just have to do it itself… As per usual. He didn’t really know why he hired people to work for him in the first place.

When he arrived at the old man’s home, he pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and then promptly kicked the door in, “Here’s Johnny!” he had a sarcastic grin on his face as he barged in, but there was a deadliness behind his vibrant green eyes, “Time to return what is owed.”