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What Tate was (probably) like when he was alive:

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(I did some headcanons at work but shh)

- Tate was probably a quiet punk kid 

- had depression 

- read comic books 

-  did art 

- got good grades 

- took care of Addie 24/7

- had a cat named Kurt and he the only thing that’d cheer Tate up

- like he’d come home to a empty house every day and Kurt would just meow and Tate would feel better after a shit school day

- And he’d lay with Kurt in bed listening to Nirvana like “yanno you’re named after him”

- "Watcha doing Tate?“"A E S E T I C”

- smoking

- had a job at a record or book store

- probably got bullied

- dyed his hair black for a period of time

- until Addie and Beau didn’t like it so he went back to blonde

- had all his cd’s alphabetically organized by band

- went shopping for food and clothes for him and his siblings bc his mom didn’t do it

- played with Addie and Beau; dress up, race cars, coloring, anything to make them happy

- found his skull thumb ring at the mall when he brought Addie dress shopping

- she picked it out actually

- “can we get ice cream Tater tot?””sure thing princess”

- wore his old clothes bc he didn’t have enough to buy HIMSELF new clothes

- skateboarded a lot

- when he and his mom or Larry fought he’d go to the beach and get high

- doodled on his school work

- “where do you wanna go to college, Mr. Langdon?””college? never really thought about it”

- lie. he did. a lot. mainly art colleges.

- cried in his shower bc of his mother’s abuse

- when he was home alone, he’d scream Nirvana lyrics with the music

- while he made like grilled cheese as his cat weaved around his legs

- sighing happily when he sat down, food in hand, cat in lap

- cringing when his mom comes home

- “Tate, I need you to watch the kids tonight; Larry’s taking me out””so it’s the usual nightly routine. got it”

- him holding Addie in his arms as they leave and shutting the door with his foot

- cooking chicken alfredo 

- putting her to bed 

- reorganizing his whole room when he lost things

- extreme bed head when looking in the mirror in the morning; sighing

- made lunch for him, Addie and Beau since his mom’s wasn’t there

- ushered Addie on the bus at 7

- then took off running bc his school started at 6:50

- papers flying from his brown messenger bag 

- cursing when the doors were locked

- ate lunch alone in the library, enjoyed the quiet

- “Mr. Langdon, I didn’t ask for sarcastic commentary””no but it just comes out of me”

- stole from the lost and found


minteayoongimakesmewoozi  asked:

Your………… friends to lovers au………………… it gives me life. If you have the time (it's fine if you don't!), could you so one for svt's woozi? Even if you don't, I just want to say your writing is A+++++++ and you're the best, mom!

find friends-to-lovers! seungcheol (here) & joshua (here

  • you meet woozi when he first becomes a trainee at pledis and ,,, you’re one of the only people who when he explains that he wants to become an idol doesn’t just laugh it off or tell him to study on college entrance exams instead
  • nope, you genuinely tell him you’re going to cheer him on until he sees his dream through to the end
  • and that’s how woozi figures out that,,,,,you know what,,,,you’re someone he wants to have around
  • that and you guys bond over the fact that you’re polar opposites
  • like woozi can sometimes seclude himself and come off brash,,,but you’re always open and sweet
  • and woozi might not admit it aloud but your constant encouragement and telling him to look on the bright side of every bad situation he had to go through as a trainee,,,,like,,,
  • it helped him. it really helped him not lose his grip on debut
  • and when he finally debuted,,,,you were one of the first people he told
  • and you could remember for the first time hearing him choke up over the phone and you just !!!! told him that seriously - he was always going to make it, you always believed in him!!!
  • and woozi regards you as one of the friends that he can be 100% honest with
  • which is hard for him as a leader he takes on burdens for others and doesn’t let his feelings out
  • but you know,,,,,his hardships and you make him feel better about anything,,,,
  • which is why when he asks if you two can meet on his off day you’re really surprised because,,,,,as an idol,,,,,,the chances he gets to rest as scarce
  • but you happily agree to let him come over
  • and you’re like sitting beside him in your living room,,,,you guys are watching s movie and woozi isn’t making his usual sarcastic commentary and you can tell something is weird
  • so you turn off the tv and you’re like,,,,,woozi,,,,,,i know when you’re not yourself - is something wrong?
  • and woozi denies it at first,,,,because he’s headstrong - he’s always been like this
  • but you just shake your head and tell him that as his friend, he doesn’t have to lie to you
  • and you can see the hesitation in his face, his eyes darting toward the ground and then his shoulders relax and he’s like 
  • “there is a problem,,,,our next music video is going to have,,,,,,,,,a kiss in it,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head and you’re like ok????and???? and woozi makes a face and is like “i just,,, i just don’t know how to go about doing it - it’s been a long time since,,,,,,,,since ive done that!” and you’re like
  • trying not to giggle because,,,,,,,right woozi spent his teenage years training,,,,he didn’t date
  • but also,,,,,,he’s sitting there getting frustrated over a kiss for a music video,,,,,and you’re like wouldn’t your fans enjoy it if it seemed a bit fake??? you know if you made it awkward because oh no woozi you can’t kiss other people!!
  • and woozi gives you the -__- face and you’re like ok ok fine,,,but how can i help???
  • and woozi suddenly starts going red and he’s like i haD an idea,,,but,,,,,it’s dumb you know what nevermind
  • and you like lean closer and poke his side as he squirms away and you’re like teLL me,,,, and woozi crosses his arms and is like “no,,,,,,the more i think about it the more dumb it is”
  • and you’re like WOOZI as your friend ive heard and seen you do dumb stuff before - c’mon!!
  • and he’s like clicking his tongue with a sigh because f I ne,,,,,,,,,could you possibly let him practice a kiss on you,,,,jUST ONE ,,, he just wants to remember what to do
  • and you sit back in shock a little because even though you’re close your skinship is at a bare minimum with him,,,,but now,,,all of a sudden,,,,
  • and woozi takes your shocked silence as a no as he gets up and throws the pillow he was holding and he’s like sEE I saID IT WAS DUMb,,,anyway i have to go-
  • and you’re like “no, it’s ok! if it helps you lets do it!”
  • and somehow you and woozi end up sitting face to face,,, beads of sweat on both your forehead and it’s one fliMSY little kiss
  • but now that you’re facing each other,,,,you can clearly make out the handsome features of woozi’s familiar face,,, how you’ve always found him so,,,,,,,so cute even with his personality
  • and woozi keeps letting his inner thoughts ring in his brain about how he really really reA L L Y should ignore the pounding of his heart in his chest and how much ,,,,,,, he’s grown to find you,,,,his friEND,,,,,so attractive
  • and finally you can’t take it anymore the nudging closer but then pulling back,,,you and woozi debating quietly about how to do this
  • so you just put your hands on his shoulders and pull him toward you,,,,,
  • and it’s a kiss,,,, at first that’s ,,,,,,like a middle school kiss. just your lips touching, nothing else and you tense up because oh nO,,,,,you shouldn’t have done that
  • but suddenly woozi eases up and his hand falls onto the small of your back and he closes his eyes as he tilts his head
  • and oh god you’re kissing woozi???? whose grip tightens on you and who smells so good up close it kind of makes your head spin a bit
  • and how you think back over the time you watched him grow into this handsome, talented idol,,,,,,,,and how,,,,maybe kissing him,,,,has made you realize you’ve wanted this for a while
  • and by this you mean the feeling of being in woozi’s hands
  • and woozi is thinking the same thing about how he wants to hold you like this,,,,,,how he wants to be the only one who holds you like this
  • and the kiss turns into something that should have lasted a total of five seconds into something more
  • and when you pull away from each other woozi is the first to try to stammer out some excuse like,,, ooh,,,,im sorry i don’t know what came over me,,,
  • but you don’t want to listen to it you just lean in to kiss him again pulling him ontop of you as you fall backwards,,,
  • and when woozi finally has to leave he’s ,,,,, like,,,,,,,,about the music video,,,,, i don’t really want to do the kiss but the company-
  • and you’re like “it’s fine!!! did you think i’d be jealous?” and woozi jumps a bit because lmao it’s obvious that’s what he was getting to but he’s like huh what no im just saying,,,,,,,
  • and you grin and tell him to do his best during the filming and that you’ll cheer for him like you always do
  • but before woozi leaves, he tells you that this time cheer for him not just as a friend but as,,,,,,,,,something more
  • and he kisses your cheek so gently you can hardly feel it but the he turns around to go and you stand there with your hand over your cheek like,,,,,,,,,,,after all these years of knowing him,,,,,,,,,he really is cute,,,,,he really shouldn’t hide it,,,,
  • (but also he only shows it to you,,,,so you’re special hehe) 

Wyllanna traveled to Denerim per the invitation of King Allistairs newest adviser as the months passed, Niallia, Hero of Ferelden had emerged from her hiding at the defeat of Corepheyus. And was swiftly offered the royal position. 

She had a lot of good advice for the former Inquisitor, most of which came accompanied by the sarcastic commentary from her husband. Though it was nice to just sit down and chat with someone from a familiar background.

This started as a simple sketch… I just wanted to draw Niallia and Zevran’s kids… instead it got lazy colored and I can’t tell if that’s better

Things in TWP I’m ecstatic for
  • Ty’s POV
  • More of Dru’s POV
  • Inevitable kitty moments
  • Seeing more of Ash omg  
  • More sarcastic, sassy, and relatable commentary from Kit
  • Possibly Ty referring to Kit as “Christopher” at some point
  • And honestly just the fact that my three favorite characters are the main protagonists  
  • I’m realizing I have to wait like 5 more years for this series
why you bring the types on your vacation
  • ESFP: you're not bringing them. why would you think you're bringing the ESFP with you? THEY are bringing YOU, and they will drag you along kicking and screaming to make the absolute most of the adventure.
  • ISFP: they will make sure you get the Real Experience of wherever it is you're going. the fabulous travel photos are just a nice bonus
  • INFP: they've been talking about going to this place for months and you felt bad about not giving them the opportunity
  • ENFP: literally everything was their idea. technically they forgot all about it, so it looks like it was your idea, but you know who the real mastermind is
  • ENTP: they have the excitement of a five year old and the random cultural trivia of a literal encyclopedia. why would you not bring them. you may need to remind yourself of this frequently when their myriad of ideas starts to threaten your budget, but still
  • INTP: somehow they know everything about this kind of trip?? when did they have time or reason to figure all of that out??? either way, you'd better not risk leaving them behind. they'll either get you out of some very weird scenarios or just provide you with unique 2 AM conversation
  • ISTP: they're down for anything as long as your idea isn't colossally stupid, and they'll help you recognize all the logical plan Bs when things go wrong. they just have all the apparent chill that you do not
  • ESTP: for the same reason there's always a normal person on Doctor Who. every adventure needs an audience conduit to remind you not to take any of it for granted and convince you to do the crazy things you can only do right here and right now
  • ESTJ: your bed is comfortable and someone has to get you out of it in the morning. come on, you said you had all these plans, are you actually planning on doing them or what
  • ISTJ: who do you think is going to remember your flight number? the time zone? that bar you wanted to check out? you??? lol yeah right. I mean you COULD just take good notes but the ISTJ will probably have better sarcastic commentary than your phone
  • ISFJ: because not only are they just a ray of sunshine, but also because you know that six months from now, you'll get a meme in your inbox that's a reference to a completely random inside joke from the trip, and this will probably continue indefinitely
  • ESFJ: they come armed with conversation starters, ice breaker games, photo scavenger hunts, week long challenges, and probably a significant list of sights to see both on the road and at your destination. it just makes sense to befriend the embodiment of the pinterest board you didn't know you needed
  • ENFJ: cross cultural communication - they will make it impossible not to at least try and understand the place where you're going, even if it's just across town. there will probably be many times you'll be glad they were there to save you from saying something stupid to a local
  • INFJ: for the free therapy, what did you expect this to say? you won't actually know how you're doing until you're sitting in the car with them ranting about things you just discovered you need to rant about. it's the best way to ensure that the trip actually does you some good
  • INTJ: they'll get you to see all your experiences from a completely unexpected perspective, and hopefully inspire you to do your research. at least, you can bet THEY are hoping you do more research next time. oh my gosh are they the only one around here that came prepared
  • ENTJ: they will tell fabulously exaggerated stories of your adventure after the fact. they just get more dramatic with every retelling and it's great. also I sure hope you didn't want to plan the entire trip cause guess what, you don't have to anymore

grantaire vs combeferre though is hilarious

  • books!! they have their stacks next to each other
  • one is clean and pristine with all the spines uncracked and it is #aesthetic 
  • the other is a m e s s
  • dog-eared pages, cracked spines, splattered paint, doodles, pages full of sarcastic commentary and insightful comments on post-it notes
  • they both claim to hate each other for it
  • (“Take your vile disrespect of books away from me, R!” “Really? You call actually actively thinking about the content of the book vile? You’re cleaner than Enjolras’ sex life!”) 
  • but they secretly envy each other
  • r envies combeferres’ ability to retain his thoughts without writing them down because COMBEFERRE ACTUALLY HAS SUPERPOWERS YALL
  • but ferre envies r’s liberty to express his thoughts
  • ferre prefers written text tbh and grantaire likes Art
  • b e d s tho
  • ferre has clean, white covers for his bed + neat fairylights
  • grantaire
  • o boy
  • List of Things Found On Grantaire’s Bed (written by Joly and Bossuet)
    • a 3 month old open packet of crisps
    • cookie crumbs
    • ink stains
    • a? noodle? 
    • 2 (two) brushes. just. there.
    • a cat once. he doesnt own a cat.
  • so basically
  • tag yourself im the noodle

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic with the prompt “Stop being so cute.”? (I don't know if you want a specific character but if its directed at Evan then that would be cool~ )

I did this with tree bros, I hope that was okay!

Evan’s fingers shake as he spins the dial on his locker, groaning when he overshoots the third number and has to start inputting the combination all over again. One to the left to 18, two to the right to 3, three to the left to 45. He sucks in a deep breath before trying to pull his locker door open. It makes a horrible metal-on-metal screeching noise, but it pops open nonetheless, revealing messy binders stuffed to the brim with crumpled loose leaf and battered textbooks littered with tiny doodles of dicks. In Evan’s history textbook, one of the previous owners used the eyes and nose of every pictured historical figure as a base for drawing a dick. While Evan can appreciate the effort there, the fact that he has to scramble to cover up his book whenever a teacher passes by his desk does nothing to help his anxiety and he wishes that he could Wite-Out the copious amounts of male genitalia, but that would probably end in him having to pay to replace the textbook and his comfort is not worth a couple hundred dollars.

A tiny scrap of paper flutters out, landing on the sticky hallway floor. Probably another one of the notes Jared has taken to slipping in his lockers between classes. They usually involve dick jokes or sarcastic commentary on Evan’s behavior during their shared chemistry class—because apparently Evan needs to be told how pathetic it was when he dumped watered down hydrochloric acid on his hands and refused to tell the teacher, preferring instead to let his hands tingle uncomfortably until he could wash them after class—or whatever juicy piece of gossip that’s been circulating through the student body. He sighs as he leans over and collects the paper off the floor, bracing himself for a sentence or two on how ridiculous Evan looked when he was startled by a loud noise and nearly dropped his beaker.

Instead, he finds a barely legible phrase scrawled in the messiest chicken scratch Evan has ever seen. The writing looks like it was erased and rewritten about a dozen times, making it seem like whoever penned it wasn’t sure how to phrase what they were trying to say—or whether they should say it at all.

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Snape and that time Gilderoy accidentally made him come out as asexual without realizing.

imagine gilderoy lockhart not understanding why snape hates him so much? he’s so good looking? smart? talented? why won’t the snape talk to him and swoon over him like everyone else??

so gilderoy is a man with a plan: he is going to make snape appreciate his wit and his charm by the end of the year or so merlin help him.

he gives snape special attention. sits beside him during meals, saves a spot for him during the staff meeting (once, the only available spot was next to lockhart and snape did a 180 and left the room; dumbledore had to retrieve him with an accio on his robes), and strategically places him outside snapes office before dinner so they can walk to the great hall together.

snape helping with dueling club? gilderoy’s idea. sarcastic commentary between snape and minerva? gild thinks snape is finally beginning to appreciate his abilities. valentines day?? gilderoy takes a chance and sends snape a card.

the scene:

“He’s nothing but a bumbling idiot.” Severus grumbled, as he let Minerva into his quarters.

“Oh, I’m sure his intentions are pure.” Minerva chuckled, settling herself into the sofa. “I’ll take two measures of whiskey, neat.”

Severus nodded and poured two glasses of expensive whiskey, handing her one.

“Odgen’s?” Minerva asked hopefully.

“Lumiere.” Severus shrugged, taking a slow sip and letting it burn his throat. “Another one of Lucius’ finds.”

“The French and their pretentious alcohol choices.” Minerva sneered, but took a drink anyway. “Anyway, what did the note say?”

Severus scowled, but pulled out a crumbled bit of paper. “An autograph, quite predictably. Honestly, if you’re going to court a man, then at least gift him things he wants.” He pointed his wand at the photo and set it on fire, brushing the ash off his lap.

“Are you telling me you’re interested?” Minerva asked, feigning disinterest.

“Merlin, no.”

“Are you interested in men, then, if I may be so bold?”

“You may not.” Severus scowled, his face tightening with anger. “And I’m not interested in anyone - of any gender. It’s a little thing I call ‘I hate everyone’.”

Minerva raised an eyebrow, but Severus was too engrossed in his bitter thoughts to realize what he just said.

“No one at all?” Minerva finally coughed.

Severus looked up, everything finally clicking into place. “No one here, I mean.” he corrected, but his words did nothing to ease the look on Minerva’s face. He sighed. “Does that make me strange?” he finally asked, unsure why he was even continuing this topic. He hadn’t meant to say it.

“Strange?” Minnie asked with a smirk, her free hand gesturing to a collection of jars filled with questionable ingredients. “Severus, you’re strange as it is. This may be the most normal thing about you.”


+  Recommended by yours truly.



Numinous (Ongoing)

{Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.}

[angst, swearing]

Misfire (Completed)

{Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails}

[swearing, fluff]


Staying Up With Drunk Bucky

[slight profanity, fluff]

One Shots:

Was, Wasn’t+

{Summary: He was never really yours anyway.}



{Summary: Based off of these prompts: “She’s got tangled hair and cigarettes” + “I like the look of your face when you’re yapping on about him” + “I don’t wanna be your friend I wanna kiss your neck”+ “When I see your pyjamas I can’t stop smiling at you” }



{Summary: The reader has wolverine powers and is a new recruit. No one knows about her powers until she saves Bucky out on the field and when they come back she shuts down}

[fluff, angst]


{Summary: Bucky is irrevocably in love with you, but someone already owns your heart}



{Summary: telling Bucky you aren’t ready}

[smut? more like making out]

Late || Early (Sequel)

{Summary: Bucky’s late all the time, and you’re beginning to think that he never had the time for you anyways}

[angst, death, funerals]

Sky Painted Pretty Colours

{Summary: You and him hate each other, and stages of your relationship}

[angst and swearing, fluff]

Change in the Time of Year

{Summary: Ever since you were gone, there was something horribly different in the time of year}

[angst, fluff]


{Summary: As Bucky spends a morning with you, he goes through some of his favourite moments with you which had unknowingly etched itself into his mind}



{Summary: After being subjected to torture for years, you and your partner decide to break free}

[angst, fluffy?]

To Be, or Not to Be

{Summary: Shy reader who acts alongside Bucky in a school play}


Through The Years*

{Summary: Through the years of your relationship with Bucky from the day you met him}

[fluff, angst]

Coffee With A Hint of Sarcasm

{Summary: Midnight coffee with Bucky with sarcastic commentary and sleep deprived reader}

[few curse words, fluff]

Missing From Photographs

{Summary: Reminiscing Bucky as you go through sweet and brutal memories of him}

[angst, fluff]


{Summary: Bucky knowing exactly what to do when you’re down}

[fluffy angst, talks about sensitive topics] 


{Summary: Communicating with him through letters, gradually becoming the one he associates ‘home’ with} 


Space and Half Drunk Secret Spilling 

{Summary: Picking up drunk Bucky and having interesting conversations on the way}


Weird Surprises

{Summary: Bucky hears you on a phone call and thinks you’re cheating}

[fluff, small angst and more fluff]

I Kinda Like Nothing+

{Summary: Being proud of Bucky after his play}


Rhyming Names and Cute Threats

{Summary: Annoying Bucky until he blurts out something he’s been keeping to himself}


Not There.

{Summary: when Bucky discovers the truth about his relationship}


I Don’t Cry.+

{Summary: The many times he doesn’t cry, and the one time he does}



You’re Too Good For Me

{Summary: Helping him with an anxiety attack}


Telepathic Tease

Pairing: USUK
Words: 1,868
Rating: T
AU: Human
Genre: Romance
Summary: Alfred is thoroughly entertained by a sarcastic Englishman’s inner commentary thanks to his mind reading abilities. 

Christ. How loud can one child scream?

The thought enters Alfred’s head in a smooth, unfamiliar, and thickly accented voice. Grinning, he glances around the crowded restaurant, searching for the person whose mind had been connected to his especially well. Usually, the thoughts of others were muffled, requiring Alfred’s explicit attention before he was able to access their thoughts. Occasionally, however, there came a person whose mind was extremely compatible with Alfred’s; in these cases, their minds could sync up within seconds of being in close proximity. This person, whoever they were, was even more compatible with Alfred than most, their thoughts almost completely drowning out everyone else’s.

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Texting Gone Wrong (Daehyun x reader)

Requested by: a lovely anon

Word count: 6.3 k+

Genre/warnings: fluffy fluff ❤ (gosh I love this scenario so much)

Summary: Being a choreographer for B.A.P wasn’t always easy - not because of the long hours spent dancing and the ton of playful complaints or ear piercing laughter that you had to listen to every day, but because Jung Daehyun was a part of this group, making your life close to unbearable more and more as time passed. Having to see your crush every day and not being able to do anything about it was hard after all, right? But a text sent to the wrong person turned the situation upside down, and now you were sitting all across the room from him, all your feelings spilled out in a text message that was now on his phone’s screen. His stare fixated on you as he’d read through it, and his lips forming a smirk that made you consider the many possibilities of what could follow.

God, what had you done?

He was perfect, wasn’t he?

Okay, he definitely wasn’t, but that still didn’t change the fact that your stare never left him even once during the whole time the boys tried this part of the new choreo. His endless energy that resulted in wrong movements paired up with almost perfectly hit high notes (because singing along during a dance practice was a must) and the way he brushed off all of his mistakes with a grin, saying he would work on it afterwards to get it done as good as possible. All his smiles and loud laughs. God, you couldn’t get enough of it, and every time his eyes met yours in the mirror, you tried to look like you hadn’t been staring this whole time.

God, please, make it so he wouldn’t notice, as this was quite embarrassing. Crushes like this were only allowed in high school, but you were an adult already. And on top of that, what made you think he would even consider returning the feeling? You were probably not his type, or so you’d told yourself in constant self-doubts and lovesickness, so you figured you should spare yourself the suffering and find another guy to lay your eyes on.

Yet when you looked at him again, you understood why thousands of fans were crushing on him. He wasn’t only mesmerizing on stage, but in everyday life as well. Quite loud, and a little mean, but at the end of the day - the most caring and kind of all. You couldn’t help but desire to simply be there at the end of each day, just to see that side of him peeking out a little more underneath all of that flawless idol getup he tried to keep up during most of his days.

He was Daehyun - your regular homeboy, with the voice of an angel. Both - sweet and sour, but most of all - lovable. And you had found a liking in him, or maybe even something more than that.

“How’s that?” Junhong suddenly turned to you, catching you off-guard and making you slightly jump in surprise. When you looked around with wide eyes, you noticed the whole of B.A.P looking at you, all of the sudden attention making you nervous.

He was looking too, but it didn’t seem like he had caught you staring. At least he showed no reaction indicating he’d seen.

“Ermm..” you managed to get out, your cheeks a light shade of red from embarrassment, “I didn’t quite pay attention.. I’m sorry guys, I zoomed out for a bit.”

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The Serpent and the Princess-Jughead Jones Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: underage drinking, sensuality, and it’s pretty long

Originally posted by kylogue

     Y/N Y/L/N was known for many things in Riverdale: she was the class president every year at Riverdale High, she was gorgeous, and shopped daily because of the Y/L/Ns lucrative lumber business. Most importantly, she was known for being Cheryl Blossom’s best friend since basically birth. The Blossoms and Y/L/Ns were business partners and family friends, so Cheryl and Y/N were like sisters and Jason was like a surrogate brother to her. Therefore, Y/N took his death almost as hard as Cheryl. Cheryl and Y/N did everything together and ruled Riverdale High with an iron fist. They were the it girls of the school and the Sad Breakfast Club couldn’t stand them, except for the moodiest member.

      Y/N represented everything Jughead hated, but he still found himself drawn to her. There was something about Y/N that was different from the other popular jocks and athletes at Riverdale, but he never got close enough to her to discover exactly what that something was until one fateful night. Cheryl was throwing one of her legendary parties at Thornhill and invited all the cool people and the Sad Breakfast Club. Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Jughead were shocked when Y/N and Cheryl sauntered up to their table during lunch and handed them their stunning invitations.

     “You should be honored that we are extending an invitation to you,” Cheryl informed them.

     “Thanks?” Betty asked.

    “No problem, Betty,” Cheryl said. “We’ll see you tonight?”

    “Yeah,” Archie said.

    “Maybe,” Jughead muttered.

    “Well, I hope you’ll all come.” Y/N gently smiled in Jughead’s direction. “It’ll be a fun night.”

     Jughead stared Y/N down and was almost shocked by her kindness. She could be as mean as Cheryl, but she was mostly nicer than Cheryl was. Cheryl pivoted on her heeled boot and sauntered away with Y/N at her side.

     “We are definitely going to that party,” Kevin said. “Cheryl’s parties are legendary. Last time, Kendall Jenner showed up.”

    “And you missed it?” Veronica teased.

    “I’m going, I kind of have to now anyway,” Archie said.

    “And I’m always down for a good party,” Veronica said.

     “I’m definitely going, what about you, Juggie?” Betty asked.

     “No. I’d prefer to be in an environment without drunk teenagers throwing up all over each other while simultaneously trying to hook up with each other.”

    “C’mon, Jughead, it’ll be fun,” Archie said.

   “Besides, it would be a good way to investigate,” Betty said. “Cheryl will be so distracted with the party that she wouldn’t notice anything.”

     Betty did make a good point, but that wasn’t the only reason Jughead agreed to go. He couldn’t get the way Y/N looked at him out of his head and though part of him wanted to deny it even happened, he would regret it if he didn’t try to see something through with her. 

      “I’ll go, but I will complain the whole time,” Jughead said.

      “I’ll deal with it.”

       That night, Thornhill was filled with a bunch of intoxicated teenagers, kegs of the finest beer, bottles of the best wine, and a mix of throwback R&B and hip hop hits. Everyone was dancing, drinking, or hooking up just as Jughead predicted, but the raven-haired boy was more than willing to look over it. Archie and Veronica found the drinks table and began making everyone drinks. Jughead decided to sip on a beer, feeling mildly entertained by Kevin and Veronica dancing to Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay”. He tried to remain casual as he looked out for Y/N but found no sight of her.

        “Looking for someone?” Betty teased.

        “What makes you think that?” Jughead asked over the music.

       “You haven’t looked me in the eye since we got here, what’s up with you?”


      Fortunately, Betty couldn’t continue interrogating Jughead any further as the princesses of Riverdale were making their entrance. They strutted down the staircase in sync, earning a lot of hollers from the jocks. Y/N looked stunning in her silver spaghetti strap slip dress and chunky black heels. Her y/h/c hair was down and glossy. Cheryl wore a deep red crop top and a high waisted black leather skirt with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Both of them beamed under the attention and when they got to the last step, boys swarmed them. Cheryl flirted intensely with them while Y/N laughed a little and accepted a beer from Reggie. Of course, Y/N wasn’t looking at Jughead. Why would she care about the weird emo kid when she had Riverdale’s royalty at her fingertips? 

       “Is Y/N wearing a vintage Alaia?” Kevin asked. 

      “Probably,” Veronica said with a shrug.

      “She looks amazing,” Betty said.

      “And Reggie thinks so too.”

      Throughout the night, Jughead would get glimpses of Y/N and Cheryl dancing with different jocks and taking shots. He helped Betty poke around the mansion a little but everything worth interest was locked away—as it should have been. It seemed like the night was a waste and while Jughead was sitting in a small study, Y/N stumbled in. She looked a bit haphazard as she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. 

      “Did you need an escape from the party, too?” she asked.

      “Expensive keggers aren’t really my scene,” Jughead said. 

      “Ah, yes, you prefer the ambiance of Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe,” Y/N teased.

     Jughead arched an eyebrow. “How did you know that?”

     “I see you there every time I get a milkshake or a cheeseburger. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t eat solely caviar or filet mignon.” 

      “Of course not, that would be ridiculous.”

       Jughead watched as Y/N walked over to one of the bookcases that lined the walls of the study and skimmed the titles. Her fingers would graze a few of the spines and she had a wistful look on her face.

      “Mr. Blossom always kept a few first editions in here besides the legal books to keep him entertained and to remind him of his wealth.” Y/N plucked one off of the shelf and smiled. “The Three Musketeers, so many memories with this one.” 

       “Is it your favorite?” Jughead asked.

        “One of them, I think my favorite is Frankenstein. I love how creepy it is, I guess I’m kind of weird like that.” Y/N turned to Jughead. 

       “Everyone’s weird, some people are just better at hiding it than others,” Jughead said. 

      Y/N placed the book back in its place before walking over to the desk and leaning against it, in front of Jughead. He tried not to stare at Y/N’s long legs and rather at her pretty face. 

       “You wanna know why I came in here?” Y/N asked.


       “Everyone was trying to talk me into letting Chuck do a body shot off me. Even if I wasn’t wearing a dress, I wouldn’t have let him—-I have standards. It all gets a little too much for me sometimes,” she breathed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be spilling my heart out to you, we barely know each other.”

      “It’s fine, people don’t usually bare heir souls to me mostly because of my sarcastic commentary.”

       Y/N smiled and slid off the desk. “Wanna know something else?”


       “Mr. Blossom also keeps some cognac worth more than Harvard’s tuition in his desk.” Y/N popped open a drawer and pulled out the bottle. “Cheryl and I found it a couple years ago and we’ve been sneaking drinks of it since.”

        Jughead was extremely surprised that Y/N was offering him drinks but that night was full of surprises. Over a few sips of cognac, they talked about everything: Jason’s death, conspiracies about it, writing, politics, and books.

         “Seriously, you’ve never read The Bell Jar?” Jughead asked.

         Y/N shook her head. “I know it’s supposed to be a classic but I just never got around to it.”

        “But you found time to read Crime and Punishment?”

        “Fine, you got me.” 

        Y/N giggled as she took another sip of cognac and leaned back against the desk. She was definitely more intoxicated than Jughead was and she was showing it. She laughed at almost everything Jughead said, but managed to hold her own in their conversation. It was surprising and extremely attractive.

        Then, Y/N stopped giggling as she stood and walked closer to Jughead. “You’re one of the smartest people I know.”

       “You do associate with a lot of idiots.”

       “Kind of,” Y/N said with a giggle. “But, I like that you’re really smart and this whole time, you didn’t stare at my boobs or my legs or try to flirt with me. It’s really nice of you.”

       “I do have respect for you.”

       “Thank you.” Y/N placed her hand on Jughead’s arm. “I really like you, Jughead.”

       “I really like you too.” 

       “Enough to kiss me?”

       That was the first time Jughead ever saw Y/N look shy and it was adorable. She kept her head bowed and barely peeked up at him as though she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. He was definitely flattered and as much as he wanted to kiss her in that moment, he knew better than to take advantage of her.

         “Yeah, I do, but not right now.” Jughead stood and his chest was against hers. “I don’t want you to want to kiss me because you had too much to drink, but because you want to.”

         “But I do want to,” Y/N whined.

         “You know what I mean. Let’s put this back and join the party, okay? They’re probably missing their princess.”

        “You think I’m a princess?”

          Jughead hesitated. “Well, yeah, everyone does.”

        Y/N’s expression fell a little bit and Jughead felt guilty, but he knew he was doing the right thing. If something was supposed to happen between him and Y/N, it would definitely happen. Jughead put the cognac back in its place and he and Y/N walked out of the study together. Almost immediately after they got back to the party, Cheryl grabbed her.

        “Come on, Y/N, we’re about to play spin the bottle,” Cheryl said.

        “Okay, can Jughead play?” Y/N asked.

        Cheryl glanced in his direction and shrugged. “I guess.”

        Jughead wanted to reject the offer but Y/N’s pleading look made him accept it. His friends were shocked that he joined the rest of the party in the game and they were even more shocked during Jughead’s turn to spin. They had watched Reggie make out with one of Cheryl’s friends, Archie kiss Veronica, and Betty kiss Kevin, but the real shock was when Jughead landed on Y/N. Her eyes got wide and her cheeks warmed up at the teasing Reggie, Chuck, and the others did as Jughead stood and walked over to her. Y/N seemed to hold her breath when Jughead kissed her sweetly. He smirked a little when he pulled away at the bashful look on Y/N’s face. Shortly after that night, they started dating mostly because Y/N would make a point to talk to him whenever she saw him at Pop’s or during their one shared class. Cheryl was vocal about her disapproval and Jughead got flack from his side as well, but ignored them since Y/N was one of the best things that happened to him.

        She offered to let him stay in her house—-which was actually a mansion not far away from Thornhill—-but Jughead declined out of pride. Y/N helped him out of his shell as gently and kindly as she could. Over a couple of months, Jughead’s friends warmed up to Y/N because they saw how nice she was to all of them and how good she was for Jughead. Unfortunately, Y/N’s friends were not as kind about it and things only got worse when FP was framed for Jason’s murder. Cheryl and Y/N got into a blow up argument about it the day of the Jubilee in front of everyone. Cheryl thought that Y/N was a traitor for dating the son of the man who killed Jason while Y/N thought Cheryl was being ridiculous for believing FP had anything to do with Jason’s death. Y/N was well aware FP wasn’t the best of guys but she also knew that if he had killed Jason, he wouldn’t have been living in a trailer or trying to be a better father for Jughead. Y/N wound up storming away from Cheryl and running into Archie, Veronica, and Betty. They had overheard the fight, but Y/N didn’t want to rehash any of it. Instead, she insisted on going along with them to see Jughead at South Side High to make sure he was okay. She wanted to see Jughead and escape from Riverdale for a little bit. When they discovered that he was okay since his dad was the leader of the Serpents, they were all able to relax.

      “What are you all doing here?” Jughead asked as he stepped away from his dangerous-looking friends.

      “We came to check up on you, but it looks like you’re doing just fine,” Betty said.

      Jughead turned to Y/N and noticed how sad she looked. “What happened?” 

      “I got in a fight with Cheryl.”

      Jughead sighed and glanced at his new South Side friends. “Let’s talk about this outside. You guys could get into serious trouble for barging in here.”

       “We could get into trouble here, that seems a little ironic,” Veronica said.

        Jughead ignored her comment and led them all outside into the cold, wintery afternoon. Veronica, Betty, and Archie gave the couple space and Jughead cupped Y/N’s face. 

         “Are you okay?” Jughead asked.

        “As okay as I can be after a girl I considered my sister called me a traitor.” Tears welled up in Y/N’s eyes. “It hurts so much.”

        “What hurts?”

        “Everything, the fact that my best friend doesn’t accept my boyfriend and the fact that my boyfriend is several miles away from me now.” 

         “You do have a shiny car that you can use to see me every day,” Jughead teased.

         “It’s not the same. Without you, Riverdale High is too different. Your friends are nice but no one is quite like you, Jughead.”

        “And no one’s like you, Y/N. You’re so much stronger than you think you are and I’m a little surprised that you’re still with me.” 

        “Of course I’m still with you, I love you, Jughead.”

        Jughead froze and wiped the tears that fell from Y/N’s gorgeous y/e/c eyes. “I love you too.”

        He kissed her passionately and Y/N gripped his jacket, pulling him closer as she kissed back. It was a sweet but hot kiss that Y/N would’ve gotten carried away with if Betty, Veronica, and Archie weren’t a few feet away. She pulled away a little and grinned at him. Jughead smiled softly in her direction.

       Suddenly, her phone rang and Y/N reluctantly answered. “Hello?”

       “Hi, Y/N, it’s Cheryl. I just wanted you to know that after today, you won’t have to see me anymore.”

       “What are you talking about?” Y/N did not like the sober tone in Cheryl’s voice.

        “I’m going to be with Jason.”

        The other line went dead and Y/N felt her heartbreaking as she stepped away from Jughead. This could not be happening, she was not going to lose her best friend. Y/N shook her head and she saw Jughead’s lips moving but couldn’t hear the words coming out. She slowly turned around and headed towards her car, noticing the concerned expressions on Archie, Betty, and Veronica’s faces. They probably tried to talk to her, but she couldn’t hear anything until she kept trying and failing to open her car door.

         “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Jughead asked.

        “Cheryl, she’s…she’s going to kill herself. She doesn’t think she has anything left.”

        That kicked everyone into high gear. Veronica gently took the car keys out of Y/N’s hands while Jughead calmed her down in the backseat of her car. They all already knew where Cheryl would be: Sweetwater River. Y/N’s heart was beating in her ears and Jughead’s voice was a bit soothing but she was still anxious.

       “We’re going to get her, Y/N, it’s all going to be okay,” Betty assured her.

        “I shouldn’t have yelled at her. I knew how delicate she was but when she called me a traitor, I lost it. If she dies, it’s my fault.”

         “No, she’s not going to die, Y/N,” Jughead said. 

         “I can’t lose her.”

         “You won’t,” Jughead promised.

         As soon as they got to the river, Y/N shot out of the car and ran into the woods with Jughead, Archie, Betty, and Veronica trailing after her.

         “Cheryl! CHERYL! I know you’re out here! Please don’t do this!” Y/N called.

          The rest of the gang shouted Cheryl’s name, but none of them compared to Y/N. Finally, they reached the river and Cheryl was sitting towards the center of it, trying to break through the ice. She was wearing a white dress, the same white dress she wore when she tried to help Jason fake his death.

           “CHERYL!” Y/N screamed.

          Cheryl didn’t hesitate as she continued trying to break the ice with something sharp. Quickly, Y/N walked onto the ice, despite Jughead’s arguing for her not to get on the ice. However, Archie was quicker than Y/N and got closer to Cheryl faster. Unfortunately, she slipped through the ice and into the river. Y/N’s heart stopped as she tripped and fell. Betty helped her up and held her as Archie started to try to punch through the ice to rescue Cheryl. Y/N couldn’t stop screaming her friend’s name but she couldn’t break out of the hold Betty and Veronica had on her. Jughead was at Archie’s side, trying to help him break the ice without hurting Cheryl. Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Y/N as Archie finally broke enough ice to pull Cheryl out. Y/N finally breathed a sigh of relief that her friend was alive. They all slowly walked back to Y/N’s car and took Cheryl back to Y/N’s house. Archie, Betty, and Veronica left to get ready for the dance after they made sure that Cheryl was okay but Jughead stuck around. Cheryl sat in front of Y/N’s fireplace, looking dead in the eyes.

          “Here, I made you cocoa,” Y/N said, handing the mug to Cheryl.

          Cheryl accepted it quietly and stared into the fire. 

         “Do you remember when we used to make s’mores in my fireplace? We used to get marshmallows everywhere and my mom would yell at us?” 

         “I talked you into making them inside because I didn’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes outside,” she said with a smile.

         “We never were outdoorsy, anyway. Except when your dad took us to the maple trees to get maple syrup for pancakes.”

         “Those were the days.”

          Y/N wrapped her arm around Cheryl. “You scared me so much today. If we hadn’t gotten to you when we did, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

         “I’m sorry for scaring you, but, it felt like I was losing you too. You didn’t want to go out with me as much and we started fighting. I blamed Jughead for it and it only got worse when FP got arrested, but he helped save me.” Cheryl turned to Jughead. “Thank you for that.”

      “You’re welcome,” Jughead said.

       Cheryl turned back to Y/N. “I shouldn’t have called you a traitor or insulted you or Jughead.”

       “I shouldn’t have yelled at you either. I know how hard it’s been for you since Jason died,” Y/N said. 

        They hugged again, laughing a little. Jughead couldn’t help but smile at how happy his girlfriend was. As awful as Cheryl could be, she must not be too bad if someone like Y/N was willing to stay friends with her and save her life.

        “Don’t you have a dance to be going to?” Cheryl asked. “It would be nothing without your presence.”

        Y/N shook her head. “The dance can wait, my best friend’s a little more important.”

       Jughead breathed a sigh of relief. He had grown used to the fact that being Y/N’s boyfriend meant that he would have to go to a lot of social events, but the dance was probably the last place he needed to be seen. The whole town hated him and the whole town would be in attendance so he was certainly dodging a bullet. For the next few hours, he watched Game of Thrones with Y/N and Cheryl, laughing at Cheryl’s complaining.

        “There are too many characters,” she sniped.

       “That’s what makes it so interesting—-there are so many layers and characters that add something unique to the story, now shh, I’m trying to listen to Jon Snow,” Y/N muttered back.

         “Nerd,” Cheryl teased.

          “You’re the one who chose to be this nerd’s best friend.”

         Their commentary only got better with each episode they watched. After two more episodes, Cheryl was well enough to go home and Y/N and Jughead dropped her off.

          “Thanks for everything and Jughead, if you break Y/N’s heart, I’ll break you.”


           “Good night, Cheryl,” Y/N sang.

           Cheryl blew her a kiss before sauntering into her house. Y/N pulled out of the long driveway and started heading back to Riverdale.

          “What do you want to do now?” Jughead asked.

          “We could stop by the dance if you want,” Y/N said gently.

         Jughead bristled a little. “Of course, you would still want to go to that.”

        “I get that you don’t want to go because of everything going on with your dad, but I know that you would be fine as long as we went together.”

        “People still talk.”

       “But you’re Jughead Jones, you don’t care what people think or say about you. It’s one of the things I love you and I envy you for it. I care too much of what people think about me, but I still want to go.”

       “It’s expected of you though.”

       “Yes, but don’t you want to support Betty and Archie? She’s supposed to give a speech and Archie is slated to perform with Veronica anyway. A good friend would go support them.”

       Jughead loathed how good Y/N was at talking him into things and an hour later, the two of them walked into the Riverdale High gymnasium, dressed to the nines. Jughead was wearing his dark suit from the last dance and Y/N wore a pretty pink babydoll dress with some silver heels. They walked in just in time for Archie’s performance and hung around the back of the gymnasium. The redhead smiled wider when he spotted his best friend with his girlfriend. Of course, the pair got some looks, but Y/N distracted Jughead by making him dance with her during Archie and Veronica’s performance. When they were done, Betty stepped onto the stage and delivered a great speech about the future of Riverdale and its inclusivity. When Betty said that Riverdale “is Jughead Jones”, Y/N noted Jughead’s expression of surprise and listened as Betty said that if Riverdale wasn’t willing to accept the good and bad, there was no hope for the town. It was true and Y/N made a mental note to compliment Betty on her speech later. She managed to do both and as soon as she and Jughead complimented Betty as well as Archie, Jughead practically dragged her out of the gymnasium.

           “What’s going on with you, Jughead? Was it that painful to stand through?” Y/N teased. 

          Jughead finally stopped when they got to Y/N’s car and he kissed her harshly. He pulled away and said, “You look amazing tonight and it’s been driving me crazy.”
         Y/N raised her eyebrows. “Oh, really? Maybe we should go back to your place then.”

       A few minutes later, Jughead and Y/N burst through the trailer’s door, not able to keep their hands off of each other. Y/N pulled away for a second to pull Jughead’s jacket off him before reconnecting their lips. Jughead ended up picking her up without breaking the kiss and carrying her over to the kitchen. His hands slid underneath her skirt right after he set her down on the counter. Y/N moaned into the kiss as she started undoing his tie and threw it to the side. Jughead slid his hands up to Y/N’s hips, bringing the silky dress up with it. He pulled away and looked into Y/N’s lust glazed eyes. She gripped the hair at the nape of his neck and leaned her forehead against his.

      “Is this okay?” he whispered.

       Y/N nodded.

      “Say it.”


       As soon as the word left her mouth, Jughead almost tore the dress away off her. Before she could get self conscious, Jughead was kissing her once more and littering her neck with kisses and bites.

      “You’re so beautiful,” he muttered.

      “No, you are,” she whispered back.

      He looked up at her with a grin and just when Y/N started unbuttoning his shirt, someone banged on the trailer door. Y/N jumped and Jughead calmed her down before going to answer it. All the Serpents were there and one of them handed Jughead FP’s leather jacket.

        “Just know that, we Serpents look after each other so if you have any problems, just let us know,” he said.

        “Thanks,” Jughead said.

        Y/N slowly walked over to the door, careful to cover her bare chest with her dress. When she saw Jughead slip on his leather jacket with the Serpent regala on the back, her body felt like it was buzzing. He turned to face her, a single black curl falling onto his forehead. 

         “Come inside, Jughead,” Y/N said quietly.

         Jughead frowned a little but obeyed, bidding goodbye to the Serpents, and closing the door behind him. “Sorry about that.”

          “Don’t be.” Y/N dropped her dress on the floor and walked over to Jughead. Her fingers grazed the worn lapels of the jacket. “I’ve always had a thing for bad boys, the kind who wear leather jackets like greasers.”

          Jughead put his hands on her hips and pulled her close. “So, you like the new jacket?”

         “Uh huh.” She kissed him deeply and continued to unbutton his shirt as they walked backwards towards his room. They pulled away for a moment and Jughead went to take off the jacket so he could take off the shirt as well when Y/N stopped him. “No, leave the jacket.”


      “Would you have me any other way?”

      Jughead grinned at her as he tossed her on the bed before crawling over her, taking off his shirt and leaving the jacket back on. He couldn’t believe that after all the crap he went through, he somehow got the girl of his dreams. It was like a nightmare that turned into a very sweet dream and Jughead was petrified of waking up. 

I Just Wanna Be A Kid Again

Summary: Richie is most definitely the crybaby of the Losers Club.

Pairing: Reddie

A/N: This was a request from a lovely Anon who wanted to see a story with Richie being a huge crybaby. I’m sorry it took so long, I hope you love it! You also didn’t specify if you wanted smut…but it’s kind of my thing, so it’s NSFW, I hope that’s okay!!! 💖

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I think this might be something that a lot of lesbians feel but I honestly know deep down in my heart that whatever story I’m in, I’m not the protagonist and I’m definitely not the love interest.

I’m funny you know. I’ve always been funny. I’m the funny sidekick. I’m the quirky best friend. I’m either the butt of the joke or the sarcastic commentary. I’m attractive in a so-ugly-shes-cute kinda way. And 50% of the time I’m ok with this. I lean into it. I embrace it. But the other 50%

God do I just wanna be the one they fall in love with. I’m not the type of girl you fall in love with. I’m not beautiful. My soul doesn’t glow. Your head won’t turn when I walk into the room. There’s really nothing special about me. Nothing that makes you think about me when I’m gone. I can’t help but think I’m never going to have my love story. I’m not the type of girl you write poems about or take pictures of when I’m not looking. I genuinely wonder if my life will just be a series of unrequited crushes for an audience to laugh at.

It would help if I didn’t constantly prove myself right

My Top 5 Karamel Kisses

Because I just saw the Supergirl Top 5 Kisses video (and loved it, but kind of disagreed with the rankings), I decided to make my own totally unnecessary ranking of Kara/Mon-El kisses with explanations:

#5: “I’m just happy.”

This one stands out to me because it’s the calm before the storm. The blowup that has been building for a while and that we all know is coming is nearly here. But for the moment, we’re not watching Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton/The Girl of Steel/The Maid of Might, and Mon-El, Prince of Daxam/Frat Boy of The Universe. It’s just Kara and just Mon-El—who they really are when they’re not being bogged down by all the baggage from their pasts. They’re not focusing on any superficial differences or learned prejudices; they’re just two people who love each other and who get a lot of joy out of being together. And the fact that all that’s about to change is why this last pre-revelation kiss is so special to me.

#4: True Love’s Kiss

Okay. Let it be known here and now that I am the biggest Romantic Moment party pooper EVER. I rarely get sappy when I’m supposed to. Nicholas Sparks and I have a rocky history that involves me laughing in all the wrong places because I find his stories unintentionally hilarious. I’m banished from the room at Christmastime when my mother starts her annual Hallmark movie marathon because she wants to enjoy herself “without sarcastic commentary.” I’ve been making gagging sounds during the kissing parts in Disney movies since I was little (I’ve gotten better, but it still happens from time to time). So when I like a couple or a romantic moment of epically saccharine proportions, it’s kind of a big deal. And I like this moment. A lot. The question Music Meister asks Mon-El (“How much do you love her?”) is simple, because at its core, love is simple: it’s either there, or it isn’t. At the risk of quoting Tom Branson from Downton Abbey, it comes down to whether or not Kara and Mon-El love each other. The rest is detail. This kiss is kind of the visual representation of that fact, and not only is it meaningful to the story, but it’s also beautifully filmed (which I’m a SUCKER for).

#3: “Nothing stopping us.”

I may be the only Karamel shipper in existence who doesn’t rank this kiss as Numero Uno, but I am perfectly fine with that, and I stand by my choice. On the Hottness Scale (that’s not a misspelling; “hotness” is totally different than “Hottness”) it’s off the charts. All the sexual tension that’s been building between Kara and Mon-El since Day One finally comes to a head, and finally, finally, they get the chance to act on it without interruption. And BOY, do they. This is an absolute whale of a kiss; it ranks up there with some of the best onscreen kisses I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen my share of those over the years, thank you. It’s a big deal for Kara and Mon-El, too, because the amount of feelings involved on both sides puts them in new territory: Kara’s been able to distance herself from romantic relationships before because her fear of getting hurt outweighs any feelings she was starting to get while Mon-El has never had any feelings to risk. Now they’re both hopping into uncharted waters together, and despite the Holy-Smokes-ness of this kiss, it’s also really sweet. Every time I see it, I’m not sure whether I should blush and look away respectfully or cheer and fan myself because phew, as Nelly would say, it’s getting hot in herre. Decisions, decisions.

#2: “Absolutely beautiful.”

This is it. This is the reason I’m here today, the moment that started me down a path that eventually led to me finally joining tumblr and writing my first fanfiction. This kiss is so sweet that when I first saw it, even I couldn’t finish the sarcastic comment I was about to make. I seriously sat there clutching my heart with my mouth hanging open, in shock over how I’d reacted when I’d technically had only one episode to watch these two interact (I’d missed episodes 2x04-2x07 when I watched it the first time, so I’d kind of forgotten that Mon-El existed). I put it at a very close second because it’s an adorable moment that essentially jumpstarts the “Oh crap, I think I might like him,” feelings in Kara, and it reveals a lot about Mon-El’s character…he’s always kidding around, acting like a goober, burying feelings under sarcasm, and it’s kind of beautiful to see how he tries to make Kara feel better about the fact that he’s dying because of something her parents did (and after her planet destroyed his). It’s also huge because they both expect him to die, and while he’s accepted that, Kara really hasn’t. When he goes in for the kiss she doesn’t dodge or try to push him away…she kisses back, and that’s where her trouble starts: she realizes that the reason she doesn’t want him to die might be a little more complicated than just not wanting to lose a friend.

#1. The Forehead Kiss

Yes. Of all the kisses between Kara and Mon-El, this is my favorite, and it’s not even close. Because to me, it’s not *JUST* about the quality and/or sexiness of the kiss itself.  It’s about the significance of the kiss to the characters and storyline, and this one is huge for Kara and Mon’s relationship. They’ve been through a lot of up-and-down, real-world, adult relationship stuff over the past few weeks, and this is the cherry on top. Kara’s bad at relationships. Mon-El’s worse. But they both care about one another and they want to make it work, so they keep bumbling their way through the process, and it’s sweet to watch. I love this moment because it’s the fittingly emotional conclusion to an episode that lives in interpersonal relationships, and it would’ve been so easy for Mon-El to tell Kara “I told you so.” But Kara’s hurting, and he doesn’t even begin to commence to make that kind of comment. Instead, he just sits down with her and gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that Kara doesn’t need him to run around and do a bunch of stuff to make her feel better…she just wants him to be there with her. And personally, I think that’s more romantic than anything else. In my opinion, real love isn’t about remembering birthdays, or anniversaries, or bringing flowers and chocolate and jewelry to someone to “remind them that they’re special”  or anything like that, because the kind of love that lasts is usually a pretty unglamorous thing that takes a lot of work and inevitably involves a lot of disagreements. I have two sets of grandparents who have been married for over fifty years apiece (one set grew up down the road from each other, and the other got engaged after knowing each other for a week), and they’re proof of that. This is my favorite Karamel kiss because it’s so understated and so meaningful…nobody’s dying, or wanting to do it right there on the couch. There’s just one person who’s been hurt and needs comfort, and one person who desperately wants to help in any way they can. It’s boring, and low-key, and real, which is exactly why I love it.

Honorable mentions:

“I love you.”

This one just missed the cut because as beautiful and intense and passionate (and epic, and sad, etc.) as this kiss is, it doesn’t make as big an impact on me as the others. Yes, Kara finally said those three little words. Yes, I hate seeing them say goodbye. But you know what? Those three little words are totally superfluous. Sure, it’s sweet to hear them said out loud, but Kara and Mon-El are an action-oriented couple. At this point in the show, anyone with eyes knows that Kara loves Mon-El. I know it, Mon-El knows it, Team Flash knows it, Rhea and Lar Gand knew it before they kicked the bucket…you get the picture. Plus, this is a TV show and I’m a realist. The writers are smart enough to know what they’ve got here, and this just has all the earmarks of the kind of love story that can’t be stopped by all of time and space. I was worried about whether or not I was going to lose one of my favorite characters on Supergirl right up until this moment. Then I saw this scene and went, “Oh, good. Yeah, he’ll be back.”

“I would like to wake up with you.”

Arguably the cutest kiss of the whole season, but just not quite as earth-shattering story-wise as the others above. Still, though…they’re both stupidly happy and it’s a squeaky little kiss. I think I can be forgiven for how much I love this one.