when nygmobblepot is canon and your heteronormativity can’t take it

when Gotham isn’t following the comics because GAY

when you threaten to stop watching the show if more gay stuff happens but no one in the fandom cares

when you’re being a little fucking twat because it’s natural for Nygmobblepot to become canon and you’re being unreasonable and homophobic 

And honestly our fandom doesn’t need that. If you can’t handle two characters in a gay relationship, then get out. That is all.


endless list of favorite things: [1b/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)

I think Trump’s performance in the three presidential debates clearly shows one thing: Men in politics need to smile more.  If Trump hadn’t spent every debate frowning and looking angry and unattractive, he probably would have won over more people.

the people on tumblr. they say, ace people arent oppressed. aphobia isn’t real. but my friend and companion jonathon, an ace, was walking today and he tripped. in public. jonathon tripped in PUBLIC. at least 4 people saw. i have to reiterate that this was in public. so think before you speak, you don’t know what ace people go through on a daily basis. you don’t know how hard it is to have a sprained ankle. you don’t know how difficult it is to be that embarrassed. four people, you guys. four people saw