i keep seeing that horrible post with that tweet that says “young transgender kids are like vegan cats” because they’re “not actually the ones in charge of their lifestyles”, followed by a long ass essay justifying the statement and spreading the idea that trans kids don’t really know anything about themselves and are confused or some shit. thanks for equating people starving their cats to parents being supportive of their kids. thanks for basically saying that letting kids explore gender and expression is child neglect. 

ask yourself, why the fuck do you need to insist and prove that a child is cis at the first suggestion of them wanting to be a different gender? why are you so afraid of the idea of having a transgender child? how does calling the kid by a different name/pronouns they want hurt you? of course, kids of any gender should be allowed to wear what they want and play with any type of toys, but there’s nothing wrong with also letting them know that being trans is okay. even if the kid decides that they’re not trans, you’d be showing them that you love and support them in their identity regardless.

want to know what’s actually a horrible thing to do to your child? to tell them over and over that they’re cis at the slightest indication of them being trans, drive it into their head they have to suffer silently and pretend to be cis, and refuse to offer any support for them in a society that already has an aggressive stance against trans people.  

To be fair 🤔, you have to have a very ❗❗ high IQ 😏  to understand 📚 the taste of McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce 👌😩  .The taste 👄👅  is extremely subtle 😳 , and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics 📖📘  and culinary mastery 🍴🍽  most of the flavors 😜 will go over a typical eater’s head 🙄 . There’s also the sauce’s nihilistic 🚫🖤  outlook, which is deftly woven 😲 ❓  into the flavors - which draws heavily from ancient 🙊 Korean Dishes, for instance. The fans understand 😏 this stuff; they have the intellectual 😏😏😏 capacity to truly appreciate the depths  💻🔮  of these dipping sauces 😛💦, to realize that they’re not just delicious  👅💯 - they say something deep about LIFE 🤔⌛. As a consequence people who dislike 👎 the Rick and Morty dipping sauce truly ARE idiots 😖 - of course they wouldn’t appreciate 😶, for instance, the taste in Rick’s existencial fascination 👀👃 with the sauce 🙀, and his catchphrase 💬 when consuming said sauce, “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” 😢💔      which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian 🇷🇺 epic Fathers and Sons 📔. I’m smirking 😏 right now just imagining 🗯 one of those addlepated simpletons 😒 scratching their heads 😔 in confusion 🙁 as McDonald’s Kitchen Chef’s geniuses 🤔😏 unfolds itself on their food tray 🍽 and taste glands 👄 🥂. What fools…  😏 how I pity them.