Everyone is so 100% in support of abuse survivors and mentally ill people

until we have difficult symptoms, unusual sexualities, unorthodox coping mechanisms, etc.

then everyone is happy to tell us we’re Disgusting and Bad and Horrible and an affront to all the Good survivors and mentally ill people out there and How Dare You

Spring Is In, Cops Are Out

Friendly reminder to buckle up, drive slow, don’t text and drive, don’t drink and drive, and don’t be a person with any type of ethnic diversity

….because, ya know, freedom and justice for all. #staywoke

I split the next chapter of Pirates because it just hit a glorious cliffhanger halfway through (the story’s fault, not mine. I didn’t plan for this), but it feels kind of short. I have some but not all of the second half written, and I was planning on just posting both halves together. But I want to update now because it’s been a while, and finishing and editing the second half will take a day or so. 

Idk, if anyone still reads Here There Be Pirates do you want a short-ish update now and then another one in a couple of days, or just one super long chapter at some point in the near future?