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you in love with jared?

totally, dude!! he’s a hottie. omg!! omg!!!. his eyes. his blue eyes. omg he’s a saint who came down from the heaven and decided to fuck with, us humans, with his youthful look. and don’t get me started with how talented he is. he’s the most beautiful dude ever. holy shit. i tweet him every day to get the attention from him  because i’m not just in love , but so damn obsessed. he’s my hero. i love him so much it hurts my soul and heart.  he’s just so beautiful it hurts to look at him. 

Nope. I’m not in love. It might look like I am. Not sure why. Hm.

The Signs As People I Know (Female)

Aries : A friend. Is really talented at everything else that is not related to academics, and has very good leadership qualities. Brave, outspoken but secretly still prefers to have someone to rely on and hates being alone or doing stuff all by herself.

Taurus : My Mom. Hardworking but sometimes pushes herself too hard. Is extremely sensitive but does not show it, stubborn af and will never ever admit she is wrong.

Gemini : A friend. Very neat, and very picky. Nice, helpful and loves to gossip. Emotional and gets annoyed quite easily whenever someone teases her.

Cancer : Acquaintance. Very annoying, but is thoughtful and caring.

Leo : A friend. Shy and quiet at first but easy to talk to to. Loves to fangirl, remembers birthdays and kinda always high.

Virgo : A good friend. Very quiet at first but has a lot to say when you are closer to her. Will tell you secrets if she trusts you, and will stick up for you. Loyal and blunt but most of the time does it as its for your own good.

Libra : A good friend. Annoying yet endearing at the same time.Very emotional will cry at the littlest things. Acts tough on the outside, has plenty of male friends and crushes, loud and does not care for others feelings at time which can ruin relationships.

Scorpio : A Close Friend. Secretive and quiet, but once you get to know her she is extremely funny, nice and caring. She will also open up to you, and turn to you for support if she trusts you. She is smart and determined, and produces sarcasm at its finest, be it jokes or insults. Blunt, but will apologize if she feels that she has hurt your feelings accidentally. Awesome secret keeper.

Sagittarius : A friend. Very smart, nice and always happy. Great sense of humor, talkative if she knows you, and has a great memory. Real fun to be around and appreciates the littlest things you do.

Capricorn : Former best friend. Funny, loyal and playful. A little blur at times, smart and great sense of fashion. Will help you out at the darkest of times and is fun to be around.

Aquarius : Good friend. Crazy, wild and smart. Sings really well and cares more about herself at times than others. Great and very fun to be around.

Pisces : (Myself HAHAHA. Okay no i suck at describing me) A good friend. Loud at times and very attention seeking. Will not stand any kind of shit in any form, and will retaliate back with words that hurt worse than a beating. Great listener, crazy, wild and has a good sense of humor. Smart, feels things others do not normally feel, acts like she cares but she doesn’t really. Makes an exception if it is someone she really cares about.

TBBT: The Birthday Synchroncity (10x11)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

OMG!!! And the fandom goes wild… wow, wow and wow. 😆 This precious episode is everything. 💖 All hail to TPTB for a wonderful season. My ShAmy shipping heart is beyond excited!!! So much so, that I’ve watched it multiple times since yesterday. 🙈 Heads up, this may be long but there’s lots to talk about. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Amy’s Birthday:

First, lets remember that Sheldon is set on routines and has an pre-established bedtime. So you all know he waited for Amy to fall asleep (he must have pretended to fall asleep too) and he waited for it to be midnight - he was staring at his watch when the scene started.⌚

BONUS: Sheldon’s party horn had me dying, lol!😂

Then his gift:

A functional MRI of his brain!!! Sheldon is the best gift giver ever. 👍 He may lack some romance but his gifts always go above and beyond and I’ll share a tid bit. 😍

The orbitofrontal cortex is lit up because I was thinking of you

Amy, who is a Neurobiologist, knows what this means. The orbitofrontal cortex of the brain signals an affective reinforcement in decision making. In other words, it assist in decision making and provide sensations of reinforcement to make the decision. The OFC is linked to addictions as people who engage in addictive behaviors are said to be reinforced by feeling good even if the outcome is not good. 

I don’t know if you follow what I getting at but if he was thinking of her when it lit up, Sheldon is saying that he feels awesome and has the feels in any decision where she is concerned. 😲💖💖💖 (He’s not scared, nervous or anxious.) She’s like an addiction that he decided he want because he feels he needs.  

Also, lets not forget Sheldon says the basis of any gift is reciprocity. He believes when you give a gift, the receiver is obligated it to give something in return. We know what he wants - wink.

Sheldon planned every detail.

“I didn’t put on my come-hither plaid pj’s for nothing

He wanted her! This was another of Sheldon’s planned seductive moves! And this for me was EVERYTHING! 

Then we get a scene I have only read or written about in fanfics; Sheldon kissing Amy and gently leading her to her pillow while climbing on top of her. Oh my!!! He got comfy quick, didn’t he?

Let me just say I could watch this a million times and not get tired. Sheldon was sooooo ready! Why, oh why do the TV gods hate this fandom and had them interrupted? 

2. False alarm:

Quick shout out to nurse Althea played by the actress Vernee Watson-Johnson. Her sass and sarcasm is always a welcome surprise on TBBT. Her mamma mia nonsense line had me in stitches. I’m surprised she doesn’t remember Howard since this is the 3rd time she has seen him. I would think a nurse wouldn’t forget the man who came into the ER with a robot hand grabbing his penis, lol. 

Howard, Raj and Stuart are trying so hard to be helpful and they are truly concerned. I’m not surprised Howard’s doesn’t know how far apart the contractions were but Raj did.

Too bad it was a false alarm that interrupted our favorite power couple, who in the meantime are rushing down the stairs. A few quick one liners had me cracking up: Penny’s did she sneeze the baby out (funny). Sheldon rethinking The Flash onesie he got the baby. (cute and funny) Lol! 

But most importantly Sheldon and Amy totally can communicate with their eyes. Anyone catch how they went zooming up the stairs?

3. Raj: new level of cringe worthy:

I know its not Raj’s fault, its the writers. But that was really crappy. Raj blew it by revealing the baby’s sex. Ugh! I literally face palmed. Why? 😠

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

BONUS: Stuart adding fuel to the fire “Told me it was a girl and I didn’t say it” 

4. Second attemp:

Sheldon is not feeling the mood as before. Amy ever so patient and understanding “we don’t have to rush”. Sheldon doesn’t want to disappoint Amy either. This is why this relationship must be protected at all cost, because they do so much for each other. ❤💙💚💛💜

Amy decides to bring out her “surprise” and we learn that trains also turn Sheldon on. The man is a mystery, I tell you.

Amy lets Harry Potter make things hotter. YEAH AMY!!!👍 Can we take a moment to admire how sexy she looks and how nice her legs are? I appreciate this scene much more knowing how hard they are for Mayim and she embraces them and the result is magic. 

Wowza!!! Amy sure knows how to get her guy. Sheldon’s face is everything! 

Amy! You naughty girl! 😒😋🙊And then we get an awesome kiss, Sheldon pulling her close in by the waist, Amy holding him tight. They were already melting in each others arm. Hoo! Then Raj… REALLY?!?!?!


Raj - People just keep kicking me out wherever I go.

 Amy - Good, then you are used to this. (Door slam!)

5. The car ride:

Raj commiserates while the gang tries to help. He blurts out that Howard took 5 minutes conceiving the baby. And we get a little secret…

It took them hours! SCREAM FANDOM!!! 🙈🙉🙊😲Because we knew it! No wonder Amy said he had rocked her world. We know Sheldon is a perfectionist and according to him he excels at many things (except at getting over Amy). 

It’s OFFICIAL ladies - Sheldon is a monster in the sack. ✌✊👏 Sheldon, keep it up. 👍👍👍You are doing it VERY RIGHT! No wonder Amy was okay waiting a year. ROTF And Amy’s smile is represents the fandom.😆😉

BONUS: Nose “boop”. Btw, did you catch how he looks at her? I want someone to look at me the way Sheldon looks at Amy. #feels

6. Howard and Bernadette’s sweetest scene EVER:

I love Howard and Bernie and their on screen time together. But I have to say this is by far my favorite. It was sweet and honest. What a way to honor Carol Ann Susie’s Mrs. Wolowitz.😇 A++ to both of them on their acting an a special nod to Simon Helberg for conveying such real emotion. Did you all see when his eyes welded up? So heartfelt.💔 I personally would have liked for them to name her Debbie which would have been the Jewish tradition but I like Halley.

BTW, lets get this clear - the right answer is SNICKERS. SNICKERS ALL THE WAY!😺🍫

7. They come a long way:

I felt nostalgic with this scene. They really have come a long way, especially our babies. I kind of felt like they are preparing us for the series finale in the upcoming season. Tears.

  • Howard and Bernie are married: Who would’ve thought our favorite perverted mama’s boy would have a stable relationship?
  • Penny and Leonard are married: Who would have thought this 2 would stop behaving like teenager sabotaging their relationship and learn how to communicate better?
  • Amy and Sheldon in a healthy 50/50 relationship and living together: we are all invested in this particular journey so we know how far they have come. (But if Mary Cooper asks, they have bunk beds. Do they think they are fooling her with that? She knows.)
  • Penny has a stable career as a Pharmaceutical Rep: Whether she’s willing to admit it or not, Penny was a struggling actress. I felt bad when she had to live paycheck to paycheck and borrow money.
  • Howard went to space: even thought he was always made fun of for “only having a masters”.
  • Bernadette got her doctorate: Remember when she worked at the cheesecake factory while finishing her degree?
  • Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are working with NASA on gyroscope. I will always root for my guys. They deserve to make way in the scientific community.

7. Raj is a loser?:

Poor Raj 

(gif credit @mavikonvers​)

For God sake just drive in the knife why don’t you?

And Sheldon’s reprimanding Raj for being mean to Stuart: 

Raj, show some compassion. Those are thing we think but don’t say. 

LOL!!! 😂😂😂 Amy has definitely been teaching Sheldon some social skills. And Isn’t Stuart the best? He takes it like a champ but he can dish it to. Example of sarcasm at its finest…

Still a loser or did you turn things around while you were gone?


BTW, the quick take of Bernie yelling in the room when Raj poked his head in made me appreciate the fact that the writers decided not to cover the whole episode in that push, breath, scream, sweat dynamic.😷

8. Baby Halley is born:

Raj being the Godfather is expected. He deserved it. So what if he did blow the whistle with her gender? We can forgive him. He’s been there all thru the pregnancy. I would have like to see Bernie and the baby.

I soon got over it when the baby cried, I almost wet myself!!! That was gold.

9. Hankius Pankius:

Amy looked tired coming up the stairs. Sheldon looked sexy as hell to me.🔥 (I’ve followed HP and let me tell you, he made that look HOT!)

“And now it’s time to complete your birthday celebration”

Enough to shift Amy’s spirits. Notice how Amy went from tired to happy in seconds. Her smile lights up the world.😆 Sheldon went to The Wizarding World but he was totally thinking about doing it. Sheldon could barely wait. Feels and more feels. And we know they did it… FOR HOURS! 🙌

Needless to say, I loved this episode. It had a million Shamy love; kisses, nose boop, Amy and Sheldon side by side at the hospital, hand touching, stares, smiles, flirting and more kissing!😉😍

(gif credit @tbbt-faves)

I’m still recovering from all this. 😉Hopefully it will last me for the Christmas break. I just hope we don’t have to wait another year to see them intimate again. More please?😚

Credits: All gif credits that (except for the 2 identified before the pic) are thanks to the one and only @platypus-quacks-too​. I love her work! Go follow this talented shipper! The still pics belong to CBS.

Top 5 Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What.

I was tagged by @iammultitudes and I must admit that I have several(and I mean a fuck ton) of OTPs so this was a little difficult to categorize. But I’m doing it in order from abso-fav to okay-fav.

1. Harrymort/Tomarry.

Generally, I consider Tom Riddle and Voldemort to be two different people, but we need to realize that even when he made his first Horcrux, Tom called himself Voldemort. So in a way, all the Horcruxes are Tom Riddle and Voldemort. It’s a tricky mess, but I don’t mind using it to my benefit.

I can see the connection between Tom/Harry/Voldemort. One wrong move in Harry’s childhood could have created a second Tom Riddle. Easy. Despite their difficult pasts, I think that these two pairings can be very in depth and powerful and two people who could probably understand each other better than anyone else, would be good together. They have similarities, but can still remain as their own persons.

I like the closeness.

2. Johnlock.

A lot of people want to believe that Sherlock is either Asexual, or because ‘women aren’t his area’ he’s Homosexual. Or even Sherlock isn’t the kind of person who cares about gender if he hates chauvinists and supremacists, so he’s Pansexual. All are completely possible. Sherlock is Sherlock and I personally don’t think he cares for gender. Sex is sex. It doesn’t alarm him.

John has only ever stated that he ‘isn’t gay’. That leaves every other sexual orientation. I know that as a Pansexual, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m only interested in women because it removes every other gender as a option and if people in my city think I’m only into women, I’ve lost my chances with several thousand people. I think John could easily be any sexuality, just like Sherlock.

Besides those points, they’re just so good together! John barely has friends and Sherlock had never had someone to understand him fully and accept him. John stayed. How many people had Sherlock gone through before John? How many times did he stand outside 221 B waiting for a flatmate? We don’t know, but the Headcanons it brings up are enough to keep us enthralled.

Their friendship is cute and I love that it actually seems real. There is Chemistry between them. The ‘broken’ little army doctor with an adrenaline addiction and the danger living detective who is friendless and addicted to cocaine. They compliment each other. They giggle at crime scene for God’s sake!

As an OTP I don’t need them to be having hot and wild sex (though if they did it would be lovely!0 I just want them to be happy. They could stay friends, become slovers, enter a romance without sexual interest, whatever. Just. Be. Happy.

3. Hannigram.

This pairing is seriously fucked up and beautiful.

They’re both just so lonely. Both have these amazing minds and skills and no one else truly appreciates them. Both want someone to see them in their entirety and someone who wants to keep looking even knowing what they know.

It’s a twisted, obsessive and possessive love bordering on psychopathic. 

Cannibalism and murdering aside, much of the show is about talking and emotions. There is depth to every character especially Will and Hannibal.

These two make Romeo and Juliet look healthy. But it’s okay. They mutually agreed to ignore the annoying parts of one another to continue enjoying what they liked most! This isn’t some sick Stockholm Syndrome. Hannibal is just as enamored with Will as Will is with him. They’ve got each other. Will lured Hannibal in and Hannibal hunted Will down.

Drama, betrayal, fun, and sarcasm at its finest. Such detailed relationships are always fun to delve into. And as a person who ships a mass murderer and the kid he tried to murder who is at least 50 years younger than him, I don’t care about ‘he tried to kill him’ shit. So much more to a character than being a killer or a victim 

Sometimes, we hurt the ones who love us most and love the ones who hurt us most.

This holds very true for Hannigram.

4. Shizaya

I swear to God, the first time I watched Durarara, I thought they were flirting! Harsh words, insults, knives and soda machines being thrown between them and all that shit. I thought it was some kind of foreplay!

And then apparently they really hate each other and I was just.. ‘nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE!’.

I can totally ship this!

I ship it!

5. NaruSasu/SasuNaru.

I have a lot of gay OTPs but I don’t necessarily care the gender of the two so long as they are together and happy.

I hated that Sasuke ended up with Sakura! She still knows next to nothing about him! Karin knew more about him and then ended up with a kid! I don’t even hate that he had a kid with Karin! He’s obviously attracted to the Uzumaki attitude.

Naruto understood Sauske on a level that no one else ever will. Naruto and Sasuke had this sort of relationship that was hard to explain to others. They fought and whined, and were so competitive, but they enjoyed each other’s presence.

Naruto was supportive. Naruto was determined to save Sasuke(even if he didn’t understand that Sasuke didn’t need saving). Naruto stuck by Sasuke till the end, even when Sasuke attacked him. Even when he insulted him. 

Sakura will never have that kind of closeness with Sasuke.

I just really like how well they go together.


Gaara/Sakura, Itachi/Naruto, Kakashi/Naruto, Zaro/Kaname, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Ichigo/Ulquiorra, Ichigo/Sosuke, Spacedogs, Johniarty, Snarry, Blarry, Harry/Luna, and many more.

I tag…

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