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Time upon Once, Ch.2 (2/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M

A huge thank you to @tnlph​ for her beta duties and @shady-swan-jones​ for the banner!

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Chapter II

“My name is Henry, I’m your son.”

Before Killian was even able to recover from the news, the kid had moved fast and ducked underneath his arm in order to enter his apartment.

“Lad,” Killian called, having to repeat himself several times at the unresponsive child who was looking around his apartment. Once he had the boy’s attention, he carefully spoke, “Where are your parents?” The boy - Henry - didn’t seem to acknowledge his question so Killian pressed the issue further. “I don’t have a son.”

Henry look at him directly. “Ten years ago, did you consent for your kid to be given for adoption by his mother?”

Killian’s heart stopped for a second, a dreadful cold invading his body as Henry stared at him and tilted his head to the side.  He felt himself transported to another place, another time, to a set of green eyes looking at him and tilting of a head in the same familiar way.

Henry seemed to have read the recognition in his face, because he gave Killian a soft, hopeful smile. “That was me,” he said.

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don't you love it when random people think they know your relationship? cause I sure do. (sarcasm)

I’m dooooone 😂 people gotta worry about their own lives & that’s what I’m gonna do know. I hope they find peace of their own lmao

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Hey! Can you do a prompt about Will and Nico hating each other but secretly they're in love with one another, but refuses to admit it? Thanks!

Ummmm…. YES?!?!?!?!??! I’d like to name this “What is This Feeling?” (Yes that was a Wicked reference.

Will was seated on the opposite end of the classroom, but he was still aggravated. “You’re scowling again,” Cecil noted.

“I can’t stand him,” he hissed. “I mean I’m a nice guy, I like everyone. But he’s such a pretentious asshole!” Cecil raised an eyebrow and looked over at the boy with long, bushy raven black hair. He was messing with a ring on his finger. Will had always thought rings were sort of a feminine thing, but Nico wore it and made it look so masculine and good and Will hated it.

“Really, he doesn’t seem too bad.” Will rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. He kept glancing at Nico and at one point, the deep brown eyes were looking back. Will’s gaze hardened and he looked right back, refusing to be intimidated. Finally, Nico looked away in response to a question directed at him. “Sheesh,” Cecil muttered.

Will really didn’t know what it was about the guy that ticked him to no end. Nico was attractive, no doubt about it. He had girls swooning over him left and right, and even the few gay guys they had at school would fawn over him. There was something about that stoic expression and his sunken eyes and dark clothes that made him mysterious and inviting and dangerous all at once. Like a vampire.

And he knew it. Will knew he did. He saw in the way he’d walk into class, the way his eyes would sweep over everyone as though he expected to be admired wherever he went. In the bland expression that he had that could make anyone feel stupid or inferior. In the relaxed way he’d chew on the caps of his pen or the eraser of his pencil. And the stupid, annoying, frustrating way he’d always make better grades than Will without trying while Will busted his ass trying to get top scores.

While Will was brooding over it, someone in front of him cleared their throat. He looked up and nearly choked on his spit. “What?” he snapped, still in shock.

Nico raised an eyebrow and looked down at him in a way that made Will want to stand and loom over him. He was taller than Nico anyway. “I wanted to ask if you understood the second problem. My friends and I can’t figure it out.”

Will scoffed, and crossed his arms over his papers, trying to hide the fact that he hadn’t even started. “Wow what a surprise,” he said with mockery thick in his voice. “You never listen to the lecture and now you need my help.”

Nico’s upper lip curled in a face almost of disgust. “I don’t need anything from you, Solace. I just thought you’d be the next best to ask. But seeing as you haven’t even started your work, I see you’re completely useless.” Will heard his blood roar in his ears. Nico scoffed. “And you call me pretentious? Nice.” He walked back to his seat and sat down with a huff.

Will stared after him, his face still flushed though whether in anger or in embarrassment from the fact that Nico knew what Will thought of him, he wasn’t sure. For some reason, he didn’t want Nico to know what he’d said. He didn’t want Nico getting offended by him.

Next to him Cecil whistled softly. “Talk about sexual tension.”


Despite his efforts, Nico’s eyes flitted to Will when he heard him exclaim. He bent over whispering harshly to the boy who sat next to him. Nico tapped his pencil against his journal in aggravation. “Hey, what is it?” Jason asked next to him. His girlfriend was sketching patterns onto his pale skin. “You look mad.”

“It’s the freaking know-it-all over there,” Nico muttered. “I don’t get what his problem is. I never did anything to him but he seems hell bent on being an asshole to me.”

“What do you care?” Piper asked. “A lot of guys are assholes to you. And you can be one too. No need to get worked up over it.”

She had a point. He had his good share of people that didn’t like him. But he also had a good amount of people that did. People that were dying to be his friend but were too scared to really try. Nico didn’t try to scare them off, he just did. It was just the way he was. But this guy….

This guy was all smiles. Bright and sunny, friends everywhere. Anytime Nico heard his name, it was followed by something good. He’d never heard a single bad thing about Will Solace. Except for that one day.

Will called Nico a pretentious asshole.

Nico scowled at his paper and shook his head. It didn’t matter.

So what had Nico done to be the only guy not on Will’s good side? Did he just think he was better than Nico? Because he was friendlier? Maybe. He had so many friends whereas Nico was avoided for the most part. He’d learned not to let it get to him, the way people averted their eyes. He’d learned to hide what he felt for the most part because he knew people could exploit it. Will didn’t have to do that. He was a person who was immediately liked. And with his uncensored distaste or Nico, there was no doubt that even more people would avoid him.

So why was he itching to go back over there? To pester Will with unnecessary questions and watch the way his face flushed with anger and frustration, the way his eyes would darken at the sight of him?

Before figuring it out, the teacher called for their attention. “The semester’s coming to an end, and as you all know because you’re good kids and you read the syllabus,” she said with overdone sarcasm, “there’s a project you have to do.” The kids groaned. “Don’t worry, it’s in pairs.” A few students perked up. “Take it serious or you won’t graduate. You get to choose who to work with, but choose wisely because you will be graded as a pair, not individuals.”

“Hey, do you mind if I work with Piper?” Jason asked. Nico shrugged and waved a dismissive hand. He stood to ask if he could do the project alone. He didn’t want his grade depending on anyone.

“What do you mean you’re pairing up with Lou Ellen?” Will asked the boy next to him. “She always pairs with Butch.”

“We broke up,” said the girl who was listening from the middle of the room. “So I want Cecil as my partner.”

Nico saw Will glower at Cecil and mutter, “Traitor.” The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

“Um, Ms. Dodds, can I work on the project alone? My usual partner paired with someone else, and-”

“Well you’re in luck, because from what I hear, so did Will’s!” she said cheerily. “You can work with him.”

What?” they asked at the same time. Will stood and walked over to the desk, his height making Nico feel small, even though he wasn’t. Nico scowled and got the urge to push him down. “Ms. Dodds, really, I’d rather work alone!” he said.

Nico crossed his arms and huffed. He noticed the other students listening to see what the drama was about. Heat crept up Nico’s neck whether from anger or embarrassment he wasn’t sure. “Don’t make such a show, Sunshine,” he said coolly.

Will turned to him and glared. “Don’t call me Sunshine.”

Nico’s fists clenched and he took a step toward him. “What are you going to do about it… Sunshine?” The familiar flush filled his face and Nico smiled in triumph. The class was holding their breath, waiting for the fight they desperately wanted to see.

But Ms. Dodds’ suddenly bitter voice split the silence. “Well, now it’s not up to you, my dear. You’re partners and your grades are tied. So I suggest you figure it out and get to work. I will not have you two making a scene in the middle of class.”

Nico shot Will a final glare and Will’s nose twitched adorably before they turned to sit in their chairs with a huff.

“I hate him,” Nico muttered.

“Sure you do,” Piper said with a suppressed smile.

On the other side of the room, Will had his fists clenched in his lap. Without looking at Cecil he said, “One word out of you and you’re getting punched in the face.” Cecil looked at Lou Ellen and they both laughed as quietly as they could.

Neither of the two knew for certain why their hearts were beating so obnoxiously loud and fast. Though of course, it must be the anger.

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Detention (Carter Reynolds Imagine for basically-avoided)

I groaned loudly as my alarm clock rang. I was so not excited for my first day at this new school. It sucks being the new kid. No matter how much I wasn’t looking forward to this school, it couldn’t be any worse than my last school. People there had bullied me and threatened my friends until finally I had no one left. Without any friends, I forced myself to switch schools. At least I’d have a fresh start.

I sluggishly got out of bed and dragged myself over to my bathroom. The light temporarily blinded me and I stood there dazed for a few seconds. I did my makeup quickly and left my hair messy as usual. I walked back out to my room and threw on some blue jeans and my beloved flannel. I checked my phone for a second before walking down to breakfast.

After quickly eating and brushing my teeth, I pulled on my all black converse and got into the passenger side of my mom’s car.

“Excited honey?” She asked cheerfully.

“I sure am.” Sarcasm was obvious in my tone.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. Just try and make some friends and don’t be afraid to talk!” I sighed a little at how easy she thought high school was. My gaze peered out the car window and the school came into sight. The building looked old almost as if it was going to fall down any second. The bricks were faded and I saw some graffiti.

“Oh! There it is Faye!” She drove up to the very front door and looked up through the window. She looked intrigued by it. Finally she turned back to me.

“Well… Have a nice day! I’ll pick you up around 3.” I nodded my head uncertainly and took a step out of the car. With my bag at my side and a few papers in hand, I smiled back at my mom and walked through the front door.

Inside there was a fair amount of other teens walking through out the halls. I checked my phone, it was already 8:25. I had about five minutes to find my first class. I wandered aimlessly throughout the hall trying to find room 243 without any luck.

“Excuse me? Do you know where room 243 is?” I asked as a group of girls about my age passed by. They ignored me and kept walking.

“Excuse me? Room 243?” Still other people ignored me. I was walking quickly now, knowing I only had about a minute left. When the bell rang the hallways the halls were already empty except for a few stragglers.

“Fuck!” I said to myself. I turned a corner quickly and almost ran into someone who had been leaning against the lockers.

“Sorry! I didn’t see you there.”

“No problem.” I looked up at him quickly. He was quite a bit taller than my short frame. He had dark black hair under a SnapBack and on his face laid a mischievous grin. He was really hot too, so naturally I quickly became tongue tied.

“Why aren’t you in class?”

“Oh umm I couldn’t find my class. Why aren’t you?” I stuttered a little but kept my cool. He smiled at me.

“I’m skipping cause I have math. It’s the first day back and I just don’t want to deal with that shit right now.”

“I totally get that. But could you tell me where room 243 is? I don’t want to be late on my first day.” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear shyly. He just laughed a little.

“Well you’re kind of already late. But sure.” He stepped away from the wall and pointed just a little ways down the hall.

“You were pretty close, it’s just down the hall.”

“Thanks, I’ll see you later.” I speed-walked down the hall. I was probably only five minutes late.

As I walked up to door, I could see that class had already started. I went to open the door but it was locked. I knocked quietly and the teacher turned to the door. He gave me an obvious glare and took his time coming to open the door.

“Explanation of why you’re late please!”

“Umm, I’m new sir. I couldn’t find your class.” He looked down at me disapprovingly.

“If you didn’t know where it was then you should have come early. Now take a seat.” I turned to the class and saw 30 faces looking up at me. All the good seats were taken so I had to sit right at the front. I watched the teacher as he wrote some equations up on the board. This must be math.

“Alright class, I’m Mr Johnson. Get ready for a mathematical year. Haha!”

By the end of the class I was practically dying of boredom. Finally, the bell rang and I went to rush out of the room but Mr. Johnson blocked the way.

“You were late young lady. I expect to see you in detention after school today.” I quickly nodded and rushed out of the classroom so I had time to find my next class.

-skip to detention-

As I walked into Mr Johnson’s room I didn’t see many familiar faces, except in the back corner, the boy who helped me this morning sat at a desk on his phone. He looked surprised when I came in but pointed at the desk beside him. So far he was the only ‘friend’ I had made. I nervously made my way to the desk.

“I didn’t think you’d be here? And on your first day.” He joked.

“I was late for that class you pointed out to me. Mr Johnson’s really strict."I made sure Mr Johnson wasn’t looking.

"Yeah, he sucks. I had him in grade 8 as well.” He laughed a little before leaning in to say,

“That’s why I skipped first block today. If I’d known you were going to be there, I actually would have come.” I blushed a little before pulling out my phone.

“By the way I’m Carter. I don’t think I said that earlier?”

“You didn’t. I’m Faye.” Carter shook my outstretched hand quickly and watched as Mr Johnson walked towards the door.

“You guys know the drill! I’ll be checking in randomly to see what you are doing.” He shut the door behind him and Carter stood up. He grabbed his back pack and started towards the front of the classroom.

“Where are you going? Aren’t we supposed to stay here?” Carter checked the time on his phone.

“He won’t be back for another hour. He always checks in at that time.” I looked around me at all the others who were leaving. Carter just gave me that same mischievous grin.

“You coming?” I nodded my head. I grabbed my bag and speed walked to Carter.

“That’s what I thought.” He chuckled a little. We strolled through the halls as we laughed with each other.

“So what do you usually do during detention?”

“Sometimes I go to Booster Juice down the street but I just want to hang out today.” Carter smiled and waved at someone he knew as we passed by. We came up to a row of lockers, he sat down against them. I sank down to my knees beside him.

“Can I ask why you switched schools?” He asked still smiling. My face sank and I looked down.

“I don’t know…”

“C'mon you can tell me. It can’t be that bad!” My face rested in my hands. Why couldn’t he get that I didn’t want to talk about it? He looked down expectantly at me.

“Promise you won’t laugh?” He nodded his head and straightened out his legs.

“I got bullied a lot. The girls who did it threatened to do the same to my friends if they kept hanging around with me. So at the end of the year I was alone.” My eyes teared up a little. I watched his mouth drop. His arms pulled me closer into him.

“Why would anyone want to do that to you?” My head rested on his shoulder and tears ran lightly down my cheeks. He made me feel safer than I had in a long time.

“Honestly Faye, I don’t know how you could stay so strong through that.” I wiped my wet cheeks with the sleeve of my sweater.

“I’m not strong. I don’t even blame my friends for leaving. I would have done the same thing.” His hand rubbed my back soothingly.

“Don’t say that. In the 5 hours that I have known you, I already think you’re one of the strongest and greatest people I know. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You can’t let that stop you, Faye.” I looked up at him. His face was full of concern. I stood up awkwardly, trying to not let him in,and grabbed my bag.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s almost been an hour. We should probably head back.” I pointed over my shoulder. He brought himself up from sitting and I started towards me.

“Faye, wait up!” He rushed up to me and he stopped me. He pulled his sweater sleeves down and wiped my wet cheeks. A smile spread across both our faces.

“Thanks.” He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. I blushed nervously and started walking again.


“Yes?” I asked turning at the same time.

“Class is that way.” He pointed behind him, laughing. I fixed my hair slightly and we walked back towards detention.

At least I made one good friend today, I just never thought it’d be in detention!

The Coming Out series (Harry Styles imagine) PART 8

Part 8

NOTE: This chapter is much longer than the other ones and I’m very sorry if it’s too long, but I really needed it to be up as a whole. Because I couldn’t find a nice way to split it up. Hope you are okay with it. 

Although everywhere in the world you could see the sun rise every morning, it didn’t mean it looked always the same. Because it never did. The sceneries were different. The air was different. The weather was different. The people around you with were different. Although mostly it was only Harry. Harry was your partner to look at the rising sun. You did it often, together… Setting your alarm clock half an hour before the sun would come up, go outside or on your balcony in your pjs and watch the sun slowly peek over the horizon telling you a new day had begon. It was magical. Every single time. In London, in Spain, in Finland, in Brazil, in New York… Wherever you both were, it was magical, but never the same. 

But today… Harry was not there. You were not sitting on a balcony. Not close by your hotel.

Today you were just on your own, sitting on a beach in LA, waiting for the sun to rise.

And it hit you that this was yet again a different rising sun. One you never experienced before. And it was not like you didn’t watch it on a beach before… No… Because you did. The very first time was with Harry. On an Italian beach. It was so close by the hotel that you both were able to sneak out, just for an hour, to watch the sun rise. Nobody noticed. Nobody saw. It was perfect. One of your favourite memories of you and him together.

And thinking about it made you realize how alone you felt at this moment. It was hard to sneak out without waking him up. It was hard to let him sleep. And it had been so difficult to find something to write without making any noise. So you could leave a little note on the desk to make sure he didn’t panic when he woke up, not finding you next to him. Of course you didn’t have a pen in your hand bag when you actually needed one. So you just used one of your eye liners to write down everything he needed to know.

‘Don’t panic. Just need a little moment. I love you.’

The reason why this sun was so different from others was because it felt different. Everything felt different. It felt different because you weren’t free to be here anymore. It mattered how long you sat here. It mattered because from the moment someone would recognize you, it would be bad. And if you were in London, it wouldn’t be that bad. But here in LA, was what you were doing now, actually quite dangerous.

But no one died from a little bit of living on the edge, did they?

If Harry would’ve woken up, you wouldn’t be sitting here. He would never have let you go. But you needed this. You needed this to think. You needed this to take in everything that had happened in the past week. And that was a lot to take in. Maybe too much.

It was scary. Scary that everyone knew now. It was scary that you saw your own head on a magazine cover in the airport yesterday. They didn’t even have photos of you yet. They just grabbed it  from your facebook account. Or somewhere else. You had no clue how they were able to get a hold of your photos.

It was scary because you were Harry’s girlfriend. And from the moment Harry would look sad, people would think you broke up. From the moment he would look sad on one single picture, people would assume you cheated on him. From the moment you would look happy on a picture, people would say that you guys are about to get married. From the moment you decide to wear a slightly bigger shirt, people would think you are pregnant.

And you didn’t even have a voice to call them wrong.

That was the scariest thing of all.

And you sat there, wondering, if that was what you wanted. Being the girlfriend in silence. Taking in everything people would say about you. Having such a thick skin, which clearly you hadn’t, that no one was able to get to you.

But they would. They were able to get to you so easily. And you had nothing to defend yourself with.

The sun was half up. And the sky turned all sorts of red. You laid back on the sand and breathed in the warm air, while missing your home. This was the first time you missed home. You never thought of it. Because home was where Harry was. But now home felt like the place where people knew who you actually were. Your family, your friends and Harry.

You definitely didn’t need a whole world watching you.

When your phone suddenly started ringing in your pocket, you shot up in surprise. It was so silent on the beach, except for some early joggers on the coastline, and some seagulls making noises in the sky.

You read Harry’s face on the screen and there was no other possibility than to pick up. Because he would freak out if you didn’t.

‘Yes, Harry.’ You spoke directly to him when you answered his phone call.

‘Where are you?’ His voice was stern and hinted with anger he tried very hard to hide. But it didn’t work, because you knew that he didn’t like you sneaking out on him.

‘On the beach.’ You replied dryly.

It turned silent for a couple of seconds. You felt like a mean person because you knew very well that he was not able to come to you. It would be too far, people would recognize him, and it would all just be very bad.

‘Are you planning on coming back right now?’ He spoke again, and you were amazed by how calm he was. He was a much better actor than you ought him to be.

‘I wasn’t… The sun isn’t up yet.’

Silence again. You had the feeling he was counting to stay calm or something.

And then he spoke again, and if you sat on a chair, you definitely would have fallen off of it after hearing what he said. ‘Okay. I’m coming then.’ He replied just as dryly as you did before.

And your jaw dropped. ‘What?’

‘I’m coming to you. Can you tell me where you are exactly?’

‘Harry, you can’t do that. People will start recognizing you.’ You started to get nervous. Because you heard him open doors and he was making all sorts of noises what made you really believe he was leaving.

‘So be it.’ He said happily. And you heard a big door close somewhere around him, followed by traffic noise. ‘I’m out. Lucky me, Paul didn’t see me.’

‘Harry, no. Stop.’ You panicked now. In London it wouldn’t be that bad if he did something like this. But in LA… It was just a whole different place, different people… And not always in the positive way. There was no way you would let him come to you. ‘It’s okay. I’m coming back. Just please. Stay there.’ You blurted out so fast, and you already stood up to leave.

But suddenly all the noises around him stopped. ‘Why do you want to come back now?’ He asked, so serious, you felt sick.

‘Because I don’t want you to get hurt.’ You replied honestly, already figuring out where he was going with this.

‘Oh… Okay. Good.’ He paused a moment, and you just knew he was preparing himself on the following words. ‘So can you imagine how I feel when I wake up in the city where there is probably the most amount of paparazzi, to a note of my girlfriend saying she’s out and about in LA. Should I add to it that the world only knows that we are a couple for like a week? And that it’s still so fresh to everybody’s mind that the magazines are still full of it? I don’t know… Do you understand my worry, Y/N?’ Sarcasm dripping from his voice. 

For a second you didn’t know what to say. You only felt worse than how you felt when you woke up this morning.

‘Paul will call you in a minute. He’s on his way to pick you up.’ He spoke again.

You bit your lip so hard it was very likely to start bleeding any second. ‘I’m sorry, Harry.’ You whispered through the phone, but you knew it was too late.

‘Yeah, sure you are.’ So coldly, his words hit your right to the bone. And before you could say anything more, he already hung up on you.

Tears were so ready to fall down, but you tried your hardest to keep them in. Because there was no way you were going to make a scene here.

It felt so unfair. Because a week ago you would be able to do things like this. You were able to make a scene, while nobody knew about it. Or nobody actually cared. It was so unfair that it suddenly was all different now.

And at the same time, it only gave you a glimpse of what the last four years had been for Harry himself. He had never been able to do spontaneous things like this. He was used to this. And now you had to get used to it as well.

Part 9

NOTE: I said it would be a rollercoaster of emotions so I’m sorry if this was not as romantic and nice and sweet as you maybe would’ve liked. Sometimes dramatic parts have to be there as well! :-)