Im talking to my AMAZING friend who thinks racism is caused by liberals and democrats, that black history month is why people hate white people and that it keeps racism alive, that agender and POC in media is forced, that trans people in media normally have no character to them besides the fact theyre trans, that white privilage isn’t real, and that women and POC have privilage for being women and POC. This is just from one conversation. From other conversations I can tell you that she doesn’t like LGBT+ stuff on Tumblr because it’s too forced and everywhere, that she would rather vote Trump than Clinton, and that she doesn’t understand how minors can know theyre gay because theyre just kids who don’t feel real attraction. And oh so much more.

This is the same friend who also tells me that I make her want to kill herself by being around her and that all I do is try to annoy her and make her life miserable.

This just in: I have something wrong with me without having evidence of having said wrong thing, but if you tell me I don’t have it you’re oppressing me and you should find the evidence yourself because I’m correct.