To be fair 🤔, you have to have a very ❗❗ high IQ 😏  to understand 📚 the taste of McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce 👌😩  .The taste 👄👅  is extremely subtle 😳 , and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics 📖📘  and culinary mastery 🍴🍽  most of the flavors 😜 will go over a typical eater’s head 🙄 . There’s also the sauce’s nihilistic 🚫🖤  outlook, which is deftly woven 😲 ❓  into the flavors - which draws heavily from ancient 🙊 Korean Dishes, for instance. The fans understand 😏 this stuff; they have the intellectual 😏😏😏 capacity to truly appreciate the depths  💻🔮  of these dipping sauces 😛💦, to realize that they’re not just delicious  👅💯 - they say something deep about LIFE 🤔⌛. As a consequence people who dislike 👎 the Rick and Morty dipping sauce truly ARE idiots 😖 - of course they wouldn’t appreciate 😶, for instance, the taste in Rick’s existencial fascination 👀👃 with the sauce 🙀, and his catchphrase 💬 when consuming said sauce, “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” 😢💔      which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian 🇷🇺 epic Fathers and Sons 📔. I’m smirking 😏 right now just imagining 🗯 one of those addlepated simpletons 😒 scratching their heads 😔 in confusion 🙁 as McDonald’s Kitchen Chef’s geniuses 🤔😏 unfolds itself on their food tray 🍽 and taste glands 👄 🥂. What fools…  😏 how I pity them.