What have you learned playing Zoo Tycoon?
  • Children go to the zoo alone and have 700 dollars
  • Animals always poop where “Zookeeper 14 can’t reach the ungulate poop”
  • Tropical Rainforest plants can live for several years in Antarctica
  • Zookeepers don’t have to eat, sleep, drink, urinate, breathe, and can tread water for years at a time.
  • Guests can be chased by animals that are contained in their exhibits
  • Some guests have a teleportation ability and teleport into animals exhibits and wonder why they get attacked
  • Before Zoo’s unlock marine animals they don’t have to clean their animal’s water.
  • Endangered animals never want to have children, unless zoos have the conservation breeding center, then they really pop those suckers out
  • Animals can almost never reach their food - even while they’re eating
let's show some canon facts

Eren hates Levi because he beats him up on court for no actual reason other than being abusive

 Levi does not give a shit about Eren


you see! he sits on his bed because he doesnt care at all about him .lets be honest , what kind of commender officer would sit on  his subordinate’s bed  ? none . but Levi is there because he’s so abusive ; i think Eren is about to go titan and cry out of fear

i mean, look! he is terrified ! this is why he’s talking to him alone by himself.

this is why he chose from all places to sit next to levi :’(

he looks so scared 

and after Levi beats Eren up he finally realized how wrong he was about levi.

now he doesnt care about “humanity storngest” anymore

because who’s looking up to someone who beat you up? 

Levi would be the LAST person on his mind ! because why would he care for the person whom saved him so many times ?  


Do any of you INFJs have a sense of humor that is like sass and sarcasm 24/7 and like random crap like that you just think is funny??? Like that is me, if someone gets in my face I become so sassy like really. I know some other INFJs that are more cruel humor (probably the ones with more Ti than even I have) and on a side note, I noticed that enneagram kinda seems like it tells you which function you value most regardless of which function you use most like for example, I am a 2w1 INFJ and generally I tend to be more Fe centered (sometimes that changes quickly because I do have a lot of Ti as well) but an INFJ that is a 4w5 (I think that’s what it is) seems to be more Ni/Fi I don’t know why I put this in the post when it was not supposed to be about that…sorry

Caitlin Snow x Female Reader

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You walk into the Cortex a smile on your face… That is until you see your crush, Caitlin Snow, hugging her boyfriend, Barry Allen. You sigh and bit your lip.

“Hey Y/N, how are you?” Barry asks turning to look at you.

“I’m fine. Thanks for asking,” You said sarcasam clear in your voice.  

You hear footsteps behind you and turn around in one quick motion. You hear humming and recognize the voice. It belonged to your best friend, Cisco Ramon. 

“Hey guys, what’s up?” His voice filled the awkward silence.

“You, me, halway, now,” You said walking past him. 

“Guess I’m leaving then,” Cisco said confused. 

You wait less than ten seconds before Cisco is standing in front of you.

“So what was that about?” Cisco asked looking at you.

“I can’t stand them anymore!” You exclaim throwing your hands into the air. Cisco nodded and crossed his arms.

“I see your crush on a certain Dr. Snow still hasn’t left,” Cisco teased.

“Not the moment to joke around C,” You warned fed up with everything.

“Well, first you should calm down and then we can talk about it.” 

“I love you C.” You wrapped your arms around the boy, thankful that he was your best friend.

“Love you too, Y/N.”

 You walked into the Cortex, Cisco next to you. You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw Barry with a confused look on his face. “Where’s Caitlin?” You ask, your protective side taking the best of you.

“She broke up with me and then just left,” Barry said.

“If you guys need me just call.” You looked at Cisco and he nodded walking towards Barry.

You stood in front of Caitlin’s front door trying to knock on her door. You take a deep breath before lifting your hand and knocking on her door. “Barry, I told you I didn’t want to see you,” Caitlin said while opening the door. 

“Well I can assure you it’s not Barry,” You said cracking a smile.

“Oh Y/N,” Caitlin said smiling when she noticed it was you. “Please come in.”

She moved aside and you stepped inside. “Just make yourself at home,” You heard Caitlin say as you sat on her couch. She sat down next to you and you looked at her.

“I heard you broke up with Barry,” You said triying to break the awkward silence.

“Yeah, I just don’t really like him like that,” She said with a shrug.

You sighed and thought,’I have to tell her. It’s now or never, I guess.’ 

“Look Cait, there’s something I need to tell you. I- I like you a lot and more than as a friend,” You said looking at her.   

“Y/N, I’m not stupid,” Caitlin said with a smile.

“Wait what?” You asked confused.

“Why do you think I broke up with Barry?” She asked. 

Everything started to click inside your mind and you asked,”Am I really that obvious?” 

Caitlin nodded and said,”Just a bit.”

You laughed and Caitlin smiled. You stared at eachother for a bit before slowly leaning in. She closed the gap between you guys’s lips. You leaned into her causing her to fall back onto the couch. You pulled away and smiled. 

“I have been waiting to do that since I met you,” You said with a smile.

“Me too.”