What have you learned playing Zoo Tycoon?
  • Children go to the zoo alone and have 700 dollars
  • Animals always poop where “Zookeeper 14 can’t reach the ungulate poop”
  • Tropical Rainforest plants can live for several years in Antarctica
  • Zookeepers don’t have to eat, sleep, drink, urinate, breathe, and can tread water for years at a time.
  • Guests can be chased by animals that are contained in their exhibits
  • Some guests have a teleportation ability and teleport into animals exhibits and wonder why they get attacked
  • Before Zoo’s unlock marine animals they don’t have to clean their animal’s water.
  • Endangered animals never want to have children, unless zoos have the conservation breeding center, then they really pop those suckers out
  • Animals can almost never reach their food - even while they’re eating
let's show some canon facts

Eren hates Levi because he beats him up on court for no actual reason other than being abusive

 Levi does not give a shit about Eren


you see! he sits on his bed because he doesnt care at all about him .lets be honest , what kind of commender officer would sit on  his subordinate’s bed  ? none . but Levi is there because he’s so abusive ; i think Eren is about to go titan and cry out of fear

i mean, look! he is terrified ! this is why he’s talking to him alone by himself.

this is why he chose from all places to sit next to levi :’(

he looks so scared 

and after Levi beats Eren up he finally realized how wrong he was about levi.

now he doesnt care about “humanity storngest” anymore

because who’s looking up to someone who beat you up? 

Levi would be the LAST person on his mind ! because why would he care for the person whom saved him so many times ?