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RIP Audrie Pott

So, as a lot of people know, recently, a beautiful young lady named Audrie Pott committed suicide. And yeah, I never knew her, at all, but she went to a high school really close to mine. And idk, it just started making me think a lot about stuff like this. I mean it completely broke my heart, but at the same time I was angry. Because some asshole made someone take their own life- their own life. Like that is so messed up. You can’t do that. No. Someone with just as many hopes and dreams and the possibility of an amazing future, doesn’t have that chance anymore, because other people had to go mess with them, and take away EVERYTHING. I know to some people, words are just a joke. They think whatever they say won’t have an impact on people, when in reality it can make all the difference. I don’t even know how to explain it. I mean sure. Okay so take away someone’s money, someone’s watch, someone’s best friend, whatever. But taking away their life? That is crossing the line. Like seriously it pisses me off how people can do that. Just send so much negativity. But I wonder what thoughts went into her head before she killed herself. Having a best friend who’s struggled with suicide, she probably thought no one would care, she doesn't deserve to live, people will get over it, etc. but if she was here right now? she would definitely think otherwise. Everyone hung over in silence, their feelings so mixed and un describable with words. Random people calling her beautiful. But guys, what makes me saddest is that just a smile, or one of the billions of compliments she is getting now, given to her when she was alive, could have made all the difference. She could be on that soccer field and just having one of the rights that we have and take for granted. asdfghkl; so what triggered all of this all of a sudden? idk i mean I know there are quite a few situations like these, but a girl that was in my friends Spanish class?  It just makes it so much like more real. It’s crazy to think that people always thought she was happy. So idk. Just don’t be mean to people and give people smiles even when they look like they don’t need it. You never know. I guess it’s true what they say: Nobody cares unless you’re pretty or dead.

RIP Audrie, you will be missed.♥♥♥