Please don’t forget Darrien Hunt, a 22 year old cosplayer from Utah who was carrying a replica sword who was shot 6 times in the back while he was fleeing for his life 2 months ago

The cops tried covering this one up too:

  • He was shot from behind, running away and fleeing like we see in the surveillance tape where he is running for his life
  • The police originally claimed that he was swinging his sword and lunged at him before they begun shooting him. The police chief ruled the shooting justifiedThis is contrary to the evidence which indicates he was shot in the back
  • They allowed a police chief to make this ruling outside of a court of law, the investigation was carried out by an “officer-involved shooting protocol team”
  • The sword was bought from a gift shop and did not have a sharp edge, yet in the report they claim he swung it at them and they were afraid of getting sliced
  • The two cops who shot him are both reinstated: Schauerhamer and Judson
  • The area is 93% white, 0.5% black
  • The questioning of the cops was delayed and they’ve now altered their story (that Hunt lunged at them and that is why he ultimately died)
  • The shot that killed him, though, was the shot in the back that he received while fleeing. He was shot a total of 6 times. 
  • They had their bodycams turned off, how convenient
  • There was a Comic con convention that same weekend and he as dressed like a character he drew a picture of

We are allowing police departments all over the country to get away with murder. They are held unaccountable for their murder. This is genocide. People are justifying this just like they justify Brown’s murder. Question everything. Don’t believe a word these genocidal police departments say all over the country. They are held above the lawThis will keep happening if precedent is not set.


Burgoyne Surrenders at Saratoga (1777) / Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown (1781)

17 October 1777 / 1781

Today marks the dual anniversaries of two major British surrenders during the American War for Independence.

On 17 October 1777 General John Burgoyne’s surrender ended the Saratoga Campaign. His surrender provided a much needed morale boost to the American troops and was a factor in the French decision to enter the war on America’s side.

On 17 October 1781 Lord Charles Cornwallis waved the white flag, bringing a close to the Siege of Yorktown. Formal terms of surrender were then negotiated and the articles of capitulation were signed on 19 October. The British defeat at Yorktown brought an effective end to the war, leading the two sides to enter negotiations which eventually resulted in the Treaty of Paris.