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I assume their tales got shorter over time, and less counter-balance-y? (the mammal/marsupial ones, not the saratoanian ones, ofc)

This step in the evolutionary line isn’t the shared ancestor between saratoans and other marsupials, I’m imagining that ancestor probably was just straight up an oppossum.

Let’s crank the time machine back to a bit after that so we can see the direction things were going

Weird pupils and chubby tail are go. Roger that.

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I'm so glad to see you back! I hope things get better soon. Also, um. Question: how do Saratoans put on pants, what with their tails and all?

Saratoans’ pants have the closure along a seam running from the waist to the tail (usually on one side, or along the back), so putting them on is just a matter of stepping into them and throwing the flap over their back and handling the closure (zipper, buttons, hooks and eyes, velcro, whatever).

When Saratoan’s pants have a fly with a button and everything on the front it’s a skeuomorph. A 100% pointless addition for the sake of fashion, mimicking features that had a purpose in human clothing.


While I was sort of gone I did a lot of thinking about where in Saratoans’ guts fermentation happens - herbivores gotta ferment that plant matter, they can’t really digest it. When I initially made them herbivores, I sorta non-committaly made them hindgut fermenters. Herbivores like that can still digest some foods similarly to humans, in their stomachs and small intestines, and the indigestible stuff gets broken down in the back end of the system.  Horses are like this.

But I began thinking about how utterly weird a foregut fermenter food culture would be. Foregut fermenters have their fermentation vats right up front (cows, goats, etc.,), the bacteria gets everything first. Animals that digest food like that can actually be made ill by food that’s too easy to digest because it throws off the balance of their gut microbiome. So imagine a food culture with no or minimal cooking, but still having fermented foods (because it would be in their best interest to cultivate good bacteria).

So yeah, I went with it. It also works since kangaroos are foregut fermenters, so it fits with their new found marsupialism.

Buuut it meant I had to redo their dentition. Again.

Also I just needed to do a transparent skin image of Dime anyway for reasons, but I figure I can kill two birds with one stone here.