saraswati pooja

DAY 2121

Jalsa, Mumbai              Feb 4/5,  2014             Tue/Wed  12 : 29 am

Valorie Adams … my dear a very happy birthday to you … love and happiness and may we see more of you on these multiple platforms

Abhishek just turned 38 … ! It is obvious cliche to start speaking suddenly of the day and moment he was born and what we were up to, of how he behaved when young, of his growing up, his days then to now, little incidents of nostalgic flavour …

Now it is best to  be with him as an adult a friend a confidante .. a support, a companion .. that is best what occurs to me, and shall ever remain ..

This morning early on the 4th was an auspicious day - Saraswati Pooja - a day of learning and education and a prayer to Saraswati the Goddess of learning .. a small prayer with the staff, and then the most important ritual .. the moment of giving Aaradhya a writing utensil and leave it to her to scribble .. its a moment of initiation, of the child towards education and learning, after completing 2 years of age ! Its tradition, it is culture, it is cute ..

Aaradhya picked up a piece of chalk and scribbled on a slate. The initiation was complete ! My digital team in charge sent me an entire literature on the ritual .. I would have loved to share it with you .. but it is line consuming and so I shall refrain !

But what I would do is initiate you all to some pictures of the day before :

Care for a diner evening …

Eh … ? what say ? its just a flick of a finger away ..

A gentle hand shake maybe … before the dinner, or just an excuse to hold your hand … did it all the time when we were in University .. hehe 

Or …. maybe a call away to check and confirm the timings .. if not then just a call to find out how we were all doing … and I hope it is all well ..

Chilled out on the couch .. errrm ‘couch’ … waiting for company .. !!

Getting the 'pop c ’ in place before the show starts .. hidden and obscure ..

And back to writing the Blog before it gets too late ..

My love to all