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Lessons to learn from Ferguson

The Police have no accountability anymore:

  • Police have repeatedly not worn proper identification, which is absolutely crucial for the accountability of individual officers, as well as the group as a whole.
  • Police are allowed to use intimidation tactics on anyone, anywhere.
  • Police are incredibly over-militarized, with full body armor, automatic weapons, tear gas, flashbang grenades, and military surplus vehicles which are often newer than those actually in use overseas. They rarely have any form of military training and as such they have no understanding of the restraint required when supplied with such power. 
  • Police can surround innocents, tell them to leave (while knowing that they are making it impossible to do so), and then use force (including teargas, rubber bullets, and flashbangs) when they “don’t comply.”
  • Police are allowed to suspend citizens’ rights to peacefully assemble by claiming ‘fear of violence’ much in the same way they can shoot innocents by claiming they 'thought they were armed’
  • Police can and do lie to protect their own from the legal system.
  • Increased oversight, including cameras both on the persons and in the cruisers of police officers, is absolutely necessary if this insanity is to stop

Corruption in Ferguson and Missouri as a whole:

  • Prosecutor Bob McCulloch was born to a cop who was later killed in the line of duty (this is precedent for not wanting to pursue the indictment of a cop in a shooting, aka conflict of interest).
  • McCulloch’s brother, cousin, and nephew are all cops (more precedent).
  • McCulloch has had several cases where a cop was involved in a questionable shooting reach his desk, and yet NONE were indicted (pretty strong evidence of a conflict of interest).
  • Missouri State Sen. Jeff Roorda is a former cop who lost his job for making a false statement about a witness. He later became CHIEF at another station in the same county.
  • Roorda has since become the loudest cheerleader for reducing oversight of police officers in the Missouri Senate, fighting legislation which would require police to have cameras in their cruisers or on their bodies while introducing bills which would hide the names of officers involved in fatal shootings unless they were being formally charged.
  • Roorda helped fundraise for Darren Wilson, who has not lost his job and has gotten over $400,000 in donations over the past 3+ months and has even gotten married.
  • Gov. Jay Nixon helped campaign for Jeff Roorda in this year’s elections. The GOVERNOR of Missouri was actively working to ensure that a man who lives to make police legally untouchable would stay in power.

Black Citizens’ lives are legally worth less than Whites’

  • Fatal encounters where the perpetrator was one or more white police officers and where the victim was both black AND not carrying a deadly weapon are practically weekly events. Just a few examples SINCE THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST below.
  • Michael Brown: unarmed when shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug 9th in Ferguson, MO: NO CHARGES
  • John Crawford: holding a BB gun when shot without warning and killed by Officer Sean Williams on Aug 5th in a Walmart in Beavercreek, OH, after a call was made claiming he was threatening civilians with a rifle: NO CHARGES
  • Ezell Ford: mentally ill and unarmed when shot in the back and killed by Officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas on August 11 in Los Angeles: NO CHARGES
  • Dante Parker: unarmed when tased repeatedly, causing his death 2 days later, by multiple officers on Aug 12th in Los Angeles: NO CHARGES
  • Vonderrit Myers: fired his sandwich before being shot and killed by off-duty Officer Jason Flannery on Oct 8 in St. Louis: NO CHARGES
  • Darrien Hunt: carrying a replica sword as part of a cosplay when shot and killed by Officers Matt Schauerhamer and Nicholas Judson on Sep 10 in Sarasota Springs, Utah: NO CHARGES
  • Akai Gurley: unarmed when shot and killed for being in the wrong stairwell by Officer Peter Liang on Nov 20 in New York City: too early to know if there will be charges
  • Tamir Rice: 12-year-old boy holding a TOY gun shot and killed by two as-yet unidentified officers on Nov 22 in Cleveland, OH: charges seem likely due to convincing surveillance footage


  • Police can currently act with impunity, effectively creating a police state.
  • The entire system is racist and corrupt and police exist to protect the system, not keep the peace
  • Prosecutor Bob McCulloch had major conflict of interest and should never have been the prosecutor in such an important case involving police violence
  • The Missouri Government is thoroughly corrupt in ways that give police even more excessive freedom from the law than other states.
  • No indictment of Darren Wilson is a public statement that the lives of black HUMAN BEINGS are worth less than others.