saras draws

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

Since Garrus was CSEC, and the Ryders grew up on the Citadel… do you ever think they met?
Like the Ryder twins get into trouble all the time for vandalism or staying out past curfew or other small things…
and one night, someone knocks on the door, and when Alec opens it it’s just grumpy looking Garrus with the twins for the billionth time, and he’s just so fed up.


(Here have a silly comic sketch :U)

This is Pebble “No one messes with my krantt or I headbutt them” Ryder-Ama Darav.

Alternatively: Chapter Three of Why Evfra Thinks Ryder Should Watch Her Offspring Better


A little story I was thinking of while drawing this

I imagine Sara always shows him animals from the milky way like cats and fish. So while on shore leave Jaal would take her to his home planet showing her the animals and the forest. She’s just so excited because all these cool creatures are around and she is just amazing. Since Jaal was raised there he is used to them, so he is just enjoying seeing his human running around all happy and in awe.

About… 8 hours worth of drawing on Photoshop.

the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout