Lucifer walked over to the place on the silver floor where Saraquael had once stood. He knelt, stared desperately at the floor as if he were trying to find some remnant of the angel I had destroyed, a fragment of ash, or bone, or charred feather, but there was nothing to find. Then he looked up at me.

“That was not right,” he said. “That was not just.” He was crying; wet tears ran down his face. Perhaps Saraquael was the first to love, but Lucifer was the first to shed tears. I will never forget that.

—  Neil Gaimans, “Murder Mysteries”


saraquael replied to your post: last night was strange

I am 99% sure I was standing like 2 ppl back from you in Philly but I didn’t want to reach across 4 people to tap you on the shoulder and be like “Yo sup I’m from Tumblr.”

oh god, you really should have! i was the one covered (drenched) in sweat directly in front of sean. also i may also be known as the girl who awkwardly woos, shrugs, and gives a lot of thumbs ups.

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Lou! What do you love? You left us hanging. -Saraquael

I love daddy…. DUHH and all of you of course