Shamelessly promoting a fanfic author

If you like amazing written stories with just few mistakes in ortography but amazing plots and cliffhangers then you should really go to:

There’s no one that can write smut better than her; and what’s the best it’s that she doesn’t only wirte smut without a plot but that she creates a whole story for it; which is awesome.

But seriously this girl can have you on the edge of tyour seat with her trilogy of “Insatiable”. Insatiable, Uninvited and Awakening are all pieces of art that should seriously become a movie.

“Insatiable” tells the story of a normal high school student; Henry Lau, which has an obsession with a Cannibalistic Killer, but what happens when he becomes the prey for that specific criminal? 

The “impossible love” is challenged through all the trilogy making you question: Is a human being able to fall in love with a monster? And it’s a monster able to turn human for love?

Go read Insatiable right here:

My personal favorite it’s this amazing EunHae oneshot:

Which is full of love and fluffyness (I don’t even know if that’s a word) and it’s so sweet it makes you literally melt down. The plot is simple: Eunhyuk is feeling bad but thankfully Donghae is always there to cheer him up.

My last recomendation (but seriously read all her stories) is this oneshot:

Which is a really weird couple: Kris from EXO and Sungmin from Super Junior. But honestly, that some great smut there, Sungmin being all naughty naughty and Kris being ohhh so nasty. It’s awesome… so go read it… NOW. :)

And if you want to meet the author well… I only can give you her tumblr:

Follow her, you won’t regret it.

So this is my first recomendation :)