sarang you all

Just to clear up btsmom’s story and validate that deletehoseok is lying and beagletae is in fact a hypocrite.

Hello, I am here to call out everyone for what is going on between btsmom, beagletae and whoever the fuck else stuck their noses in this mess so beware.

While I do not have as much time to gather evidence between them, vela (I’m going to use btsmom’s pseudonym because she did not like her real name being used) did not call the police for no reason. she was truly concerned for the well being of someone she once called her friend. even after she said that she wanted NO contact with her, she went out of her way to be on the phone for hours until they found Hira. I understand you’re all mad because @deletehoseok aka Hira stated she didn’t even say sorry or anything, but you all must understand that this was a scary time and nobody knew if Hira would truly act on the fact she was going to commit suicide.

(please note that the times are different on some messages because of the time they were screen shot and that they are from different parts of the USA. I am from Canada, so my times are completely different than all of theirs.)

See right there? This is a screenshot between Hira and a friend of hers that I will NOT NAME. Yet, in the post of Hira ‘exposing’ vela she stated that she did not make any sort of point that she was going to harm herself when in fact she said this the same night as her extended family was ‘visiting’.

while I am not sure if Hira did ask to keep quiet about the whole ordeal, I am sure that I would also act on those messages if I received them. Especially after seeing this conversation between Vela and the friend who I will not be naming which is clearly distressed about what Hira said to her.

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