saranda stfu

opinionated game grumps post feel free to scroll past

I feel like a lot of people don’t like game grumps anymore. People go on about how they’re not funny nor good nor entertaining

I watch them because they have fun with what they do. They don’t have to be good at what they’re doing to have a good time. All of it is improvised and they’re in it to have fun. Other people having fun tends to make me smile and hell when they’re acting like idiots it’s even better. A lot of the time they realize they’re being stupid but when you’re with a close friend it doesn’t matter.

I like Game Grumps because nothing is staged or worked on it’s just “OK. WE’RE GONNA DO THE THING WHETHER OR NOT WE KNOW HOW TO DO THE THING.” And that’s what I love about them

Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re not but they’re just people. I feel like a lot of people downgrade a lot of youtubers just because “oh, what they said wasn’t funny so they’re not that good of people.” But I feel like they don’t do what they do because they think they’re funny, I think they love doing what the do is because they have a blast doing it. And really if that’s what they’re influence is then I’m not complaining.