I realised I never actually uploaded any photos from when I visited Albania over the summer.

I went to Sarandë which is in the South next to the Greek boredor and stayed at my uncle’s house which was so lovely, huuuge windows everwhere, the second photo is my view from my bed during sunset. He even built his own platform (pictured in the first photo) by the sea where dolphins would visit in the morning. It was my first time actually vacating in Albania (I’ve been before but only driven through.)

It was so beautiful and I only got to see a little bit of it (didn’t manage to go beach hopping or whatever it’s called but I will next time.) However, I got to visit Syri i Kalter (the blue eye). The most beautiful waters I have ever witnessed (the woman pictured is my aunt because she’s too sassy to not include.) It looks pretty shallow but divers have only managed to go 50 meters deep so far, clear waters are very deceiving. My dad and brother went diving but I couldn’t brave it because it was fucking freezing.

I also got to visit Butrint, an old city where there were lots of turtles and old ruins and got to learn some history :) Also on our way back I was so desperate for a pee I had to stop by some cafe in the middle of the mountains hoping they had a loo (which they did) but my favourite bit was the guy apologising about their bathroom not being finished and if I could just look past it, so there’s me thinking it’s going to be rubbish but it was so lovely and clean and they even had soap like aah trust albanians to be hygienic even in the most remote areas. 

One of the cutest moments was the dance (pictured in the bottom photos.) Every week people would get together and play folk music and dress up in traditional outfits and dance vallja and vallja e burrave :) (there were macedonian, montenegro, albanian, and one more version of clothing, but I can’t remember right now.) Oh so intricate and wonderful.

I didn’t realise until after BST at Hyde Park that I could’ve just gone back for another week but oh well, another time.

Sarandë in general is beautiful, very peaceful and lovely people (I loved going to the dessert stores and eating baklava and sampite and home made ice cream.)

So so so nice.

I did end up in Greece for a few hours because I had to get a boat there (first time there in like 10 years, I’ve been to Halkidiki which is super nice, but all I experienced was annoying unhelpful men with the exception of one very helpful taxi driver) BUT I WILL VISIT YOU AGAIN ONE DAY.)