sarajevo marlboro

chickpeabb  asked:

Hey do you have any book recommendations? 💋💐🍇🍓🍐🍊🍒<<those are gifts for you

i copied dis from a similar ask rip also theres plenty more heres something for starters

- the scars of silence, milisav savic
- the bridge on the drina, ivo andric
- the fortress, mesa selimovic
- sarajevo marlboro, miljenko jergovic
- the fourth circle, zoran zivkovic
- death and the dervish, mesa selimovic
- garden, ashes, danilo kis
- the ministry of pain, dubravka ugresic
- the museum of unconditional surrender, dubravka ugresic
- demons, fyodor dostoyevsky
- this way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen, tadeusz borowski
- death and the penguin, andrey kurkov
- milena: & other social reforms, olja knezevic
- here, wislawa szymborska
- poems of akhmatova, anna akhmatova
- the time: night, ludmilla petrushevskaya

also thank u thats kind of u 💕💓💞💕