Hi there!

So, I thought I’d start by introducing myself. I’m Sara, the guy you see in the top left corner is Ashton and he’s just very cute, I live in Sweden and while writing this I’ve just gotten into my summer break from school.

The reason why I started this blog is simple; I needed something to do during the summer and I love food, so why not making a food diary and see how that goes?

But it won't  be a diet blog.So if that’s what you wanted you can just leave. However, if you do like food, this might be the blog just for you.

Day: I don’t even fucking care

Due to certain events I will not be able to upload all of the amazing food photos from the trip. The phone got snatched on January 3rd, that is the 5th day of the trip out of 13, out of which some days I hadn’t had time to copy to iCloud/Dropbox.

In conclusion: I hate life and if anyone touches me ever again I will go apeshit and fuck things up ‘cause this Swede is on a rampage.


100 days of food blogging video, watch at own risk

Masterpost: Germany

Dinner day 53:
Spinach tortellini with Gorgonzola + water

Day 54:
Breakfast: Wheat bun with egg, ham and cheese, musli with lemon yoghurt + water
Lunch: Cookies
Dinner: Bratwurst, noodle salad, potato salad + water

Day 55:
Breakfast: Cheese buns + Vollmilch
Lunch: Dicke Bonen mit Kartoffelpure und Speck
Snack: Physalis
Dinner: Pretzels

Day 56:

Breakfast: Birchmüsli + water
Snack: Fanta
Lunch: Salmon and spinach lasagne + water *bild*

Dinner: Kräuterschwein with garlic butter, fried potatoes, pizza salad, carrots and balsamico salad + fanta

Day 57:
Breakfast: Cheese and parm ham toasts + milk
Fika: Chocolate crossiant + fanta

Lunch: Beef quesadillas + fanta

Dinner: chèvre pie with mozzarella salad + salad

Day 58:
Breakfast: Swedish caviar toasts + water
Lunch: sandwiches
Dinner: Kinder chocolate
Supper: Schnitzel and chips with béarnaise + Sprite