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Which character do you think is overrated and another who is underrated?

As for overrated, it’s definitely Leon to me {or Chris} because h’s just everywhere. I never understood the hype in him to begin with, he had never been a character I was truly head over heels for. It’s like, you work for the DSO, and there he is everywhere else doing shit that sometimes doesn’t even involve the DSO. I don’t know, I just don’t see why people truly enjoy Leon to death.

As for underrated, it should be obvious that I’m going to say Hunnigan. She’s my baby girl, ok? She barely gets enough screentime, but you know what, she does a hell of a lot more than people give her credit for. They pass her off as expendable, someone they truly don’t need. Um, hello, she’s one of the reason Leon is even working to this day. This woman is the brains behind Leon. Ingrid Hunnigan for President, ok?


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Who is your favorite female and male character from the entire RE franchise? And if you have any, your least favorite female or male character?

If you know me then you’ll know I’m painfully biased on Albert Wesker, but it’s not really about his physical appeal like most fangirls drool over him for. I appreciate him for his past and honestly, though the horrific deeds he’s committed are by no means excused by his terrible past, it’s still rather sad. Man’s been through a lot, and I’d like to think as a kid he was nowhere near sociopathic or cruel or anything like that– but, well, Umbrella snatched him away from his actual family and Spencer had some manipulation to do.

Monsters aren’t born, they’re created.

As for favorite female character, this one’s hard because there’s a number of amazing female leads in RE, but I’d have to say Ada’s my favorite. She doesn’t take any nonsense, she’s mysterious, and she keeps you coming back for more. She puts the job above herself and above romance, and that’s admirable.

As for least favorite male, that’d have to be Ramon Salazar OR Ricardo Irving, and least favorite female would be Ashley. Self explanatory, really.


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When I first played RE1, I never even thought of Rebecca's age. Then when I grew up and realized how young she was, I thought it was really unrealistic. But Capcom just seems to either exaggerate everything or go for the not-so-believable stuff. I shouldn't complain, though. I like the silly stuff that is Resident Evil. Of all characters, who would you want to see in RE7 if there was one?

Yeah, she was pretty young and I found it truly unrealistic for her to be on the police force at such an age but I guess it could happen. I don’t know how the Police academy works, tbh, so maybe it is realistic.

But yeah, she was super young and then to be thrown into all of that.

If anyone could be in RE7, definitely Sheva or Jessica.