Sarah Urie

Officially my birthday now woooohoo!!!! 🎉🐨🎈🎂❤️👫” ()


It has come to my attention, as the Actual Protector of Sarah Urie™, that there is an instagram account (sarahurieconfessions) that is so incredibly rude and immature, that I physically want to hit something. People have been calling her a gold digger, saying she’s irrelevant, saying she needs to get her own money, saying she’s vain and conceited, that her smile with Brendon looks fake etc.. First off, children, did you know that when you marry someone, your bank accounts usually get joined? Would you imagine that?! Secondly, to the one person who said that Brendon said he wanted to rip his tattoo off in the week four recap video, because it’s Sarah’s eye….pal, you are trying way too hard, and that reach obviously must have hurt you. Idiots. Stop disrespecting someone just because you’re jealous. 

Sarah Urie

Forgot to mention this is the same @ascotandhart tee mah @brendonurie has, we’re twins now.❤️” ()