First post on the blog in the new year… and it’s about my creative stump.

Ever since the South Park season has ended and I have much more time to draw, I keep hitting a creative block that just won’t move. I’ve been a bit bummed about it because I had all this energy stored up for when the season was over.. and I don’t know where it’s gone! Every time I’ve sit down to draw, nothing seems to come out and my mind would go blank so easily. Even if I try to draw my surrounding, I would end up stopping half way because my mind just seems to quit over and over again. Even when I find references I feel inspired to draw from, I can’t seem to start it.

So I’m hoping me FINALLY posting something would help me climb over this chunk of a block. Besides, this is something that we all go through and we all eventually overcome :) Plus, I feel like being a part of the Tumblr community that’s filled with talented artists is helping me slowly bring back some creative juices!

So here’s to a new year and hopefully a year full of creativity and inspiration!