Flashback Friday: October 2007

Almost exactly six years ago I won “Commerce Idol” while working at Commerce Bank (now TD Bank). This is definitely up there in my top life experiences list!

I remember when I started at the bank the year before and learned about the competition (which they featured as an extra piece of the annual award shows), I decided I would win it. So I did.

If only getting to the perfect weight was just so easy! ;)

The competition afforded me the opportunity to sing at NJ Performing Arts Center and at the Kimmel Center (twice) plus I also won that rockin’ list of cool prizes! It was just an amazing time. I’m still darn proud of myself for it. :) Oh, and the theme was Wizard of Oz related, if you’re curious about the costumes.

If you want to watch my winning performance of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (which is one of my all-time fave songs that I had to learn to sing solo the night before) click here - but I’m warning you! It’s cheesy and, man, I was so… plus size.

Haha, happy Friday!