Met a lot of awesome people at Mocca fest this year.  The best one was when I was talking to a random person online  who turned out to be Good friends with Sarah Anderson  It was fun meeting her (oh yeha her name is Mady and her roomate which was another Sara)

I also met Sarahseeanderson in real life and had a pleasent conversation with her.  Lovely girl! all of them were! (though I was super awkward to begin with)  Hope to keep in contact with Mady and Sarah!

Aslo met the awesome Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl   She was a blast to talk to,

Got a lot of cool art, got good reviews on my portfolio and had an overall blast!  Me and my friends want to work for our own table next year!

Some person came up to me and asked if I would do a 2$ rainbowdash doodle, twas fun! (she loved it :3)