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(1) tbh sarah seems super sweet and loving to b and a good person and I know nothing about her, just how she makes herself out to be, but it seems like all she really does is live of brendons money idk it just kind of annoys me that she doesnt have a job and buys all kinds of expensive skin care products n shit like ik the panic stalker caused problems but like she doesnt have to hide forever

and it just gets on my nerves that whenever something bad happens, like stupid fans being rude for no reason, its the end of the world. all celebrities get hate, yes, all of them. But its so easy just to block them, get a restraining order, tell them off privately etc. but quitting your job and announcing to the world that someone on the internet hurt your feelings just,,, Idk man,,,

im just gonna address some points bc usually i write out longer things but…im tired…also this isnt me tryna  be an asshole to u its more statements in general because im just…..very tired…

  • you said it yourself we dont know her, we know barely anything about her really
  • we dont know her as a person
  • we dont know what she does or spends her time doing
  • she could have a job and just not be public about it
  • she has a whole life we dont know about man, they both do
  • also i feel like this belongs in here to apparently clear some stuff up, i dunno where she confirmed but its something i guess
  • brendons happy with his life with her and whatever they or she is doing
  • brendon just bought like $400 shoes anyways i think hes ok to spend some luxury money on him or her
  • oh also sarah gets discounts on a lot of products because she’s a licensed esthetician
  • sarah isn’t famous the same way brendon is
  • she is technically famous, but she is famous by association
  • she is not used to people the same way brendon is
  • and she gets a different kind of hate brendon gets on top of that, due to the fact that she’s married to him
  • no one sends brendon hate/hates him purely based on the fact that he’s married to sarah
  • plus if sarah did start blocking a lot of people most likely it would create more drama yada yada
  • tbh id rather sarah tell people off when theyre being assholes to her but again it would create more drama for her
  • anyways
  • point is
  • we dont know like anything really about sarah therefore its unfair to judge her entire personality or life based off the small amount we do know
  • they never really talk about money anyways
  • you obviously dont have to like sarah, also, but like being rude to her isnt cool
  • also she is generally a shy person, we’ve seen that evident many times
  • and she’s mentioned it a few times + anxiety, i think
  • yeah