Here it is at last, Project Aftermath is complete. And finally I can start calling it by it’s true name, The Globalist + Drones! To all my amazing and wonderful volunteers who helped me make this possible I cannot thank you enough. Your kindness and willingness to help is completely priceless to me. @angie-94mt @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @ihavegivenyouthecode @phantasmfairy @tagtra @moigraine @ablaze-and-alive @hyper-megalomaniac @imdistractingyou @squishydaturtle @the-purest-form-of-life @lauways @alisrimedzo @http-sarahp @tea-mei @monerelli @ink-fills-silence @transcendentalsouls I adore you all ! And to my Globalist @moosearesocool you are truly amazing and beautiful x (  @musedotmuofficial )


i wish you would remember me, standing in a nice dress…

Hi everyone! I’ll be at the Sydney show 28/11 with my friend Sammy, and we’ll be sitting DANCING AND FANGIRLING LIKE CRAZY at section 111 Row 26 seats 31&32

feel free to come up and talk to me, i’d love to meet more of the tumblr swift family, cause you’re always there for me :)

love love love, Sarah

PS: taylor, if you happen to read this, meeting you would be my wildest dream <3