Hyper Observation is an exploration in documenting ones everyday spaces with astute attention given to familiar surroundings often overlooked by others. 

Issue No. 01 is an introduction to this habitual process as a photographic collaboration between Sarah Pannell & Nicholas Hawker.

Self published and printed in Australia, in an Edition of 50.

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Pt 3/5 - As we crossed from Serbia into Bosnia, the crazy rains started and the week that followed saw some of the first flooding in the countries short history. Leaving Sarajevo to escape the torrential rains, we jumped on a 6am train to travel eastward towards Mostar in Hercegovina. The train was at least 60 years old and mostly empty. The 3 hour trip was insanely picturesque and revealed the intense beauty and lushness of Eastern Bosnia. @sarahpannell by theadventurehandbook