Ok so i found this picture on the internet for free download and sharing. it is not mine. all i have been doing is coloring it in with Microsoft Paint. i havent worked on it in a while and its not finished but this is what i have so far. again completely done with Microsoft Paint. i zoom in to maximum and color it pixel by pixel. which is why its been taking so long to finish.

Ok personal update.

I quit the job at the large retail company that starts with Wal…. They continued to treat me like i was faking my disability and all kinds of other stuff but doing so in subtle ways i couldn’t retaliate to. So I’m done there. Now I’m working at a computer store as a cashier. It was a huge pay cut and i went from full time with health insurance to part time with no insurance.

But hopefully now i can try to go back to college. Only i have no clue what for now since because of my health i can’t be a mechanic anymore.

But now there’s really no way my gf(ex wife soon to be wife again)and our girl and i can get a place of our own now.

The veteran hospital is still continuing to screw me over. I just had an app with Endo and even though they are giving me 4mg of estradiol they won’t give me Spiro. They still aren’t taking my Ehlers-danlos syndrome seriously. My pain meds aren’t having any affect anymore. I still have a broken tooth that needs fixed. My glasses are broke and i haven’t had an eye exam since 2012. My pain is getting worse and i am having to use a cane almost all the time now.

The fuel pump went out on the family car so that’s dead. All i have now is the race car(i say race car but it’s just a modified dodge neon i was working on and building to race at the track before my ex wife and i got back together now it’s just slowly falling apart) but we can’t drive our girl in it and it needs repairs as well.

My parents are getting worse at triggering my gender dysforia. They just don’t care and refuse to accept me. They are hardcore super southern Baptist Christian republicans. I hate that i had to move back in with them after i got out of the military. My gf and i need our own place again asap. My parents were a big reason for my Suic… attempt last month. Of course everything kinda weighed in on that.

Thankfully my gf is finally trying to accept me for who i am and get used to me as Sarah. So things are going great which is amazing because i love her and her new little girl is just precious. And the history about her and I is we started dating when we were 15 years old and freshmen in high school. But we also went to the same daycare as toddlers. We started dating in 2003 and got married in 2007. A few days after we married i left for the military our relationship had always been rough but we loved each other and it’s like we were literally meant for each other. Anyway we got divorced in 2011 and were separated for years until last year we started talking again and then once we worked out the bigger issues of our past we started dating again and things are going great. She has a daughter now that’s almost 2 and we are hoping we can have one of our own. But living separately is not exactly letting us be a family.

Anyway life is good.