These are a mix of selfies through the year I’ve taken! Tagged to post favorites I think! I have a lot more but I only got space for 10.

I’m 7 months on T as of yesterday and I won’t be rocking colorful rainbow hair for a while since I need a “proper well paying job” AKA Disney (proper insurance for LGBTQ+ community) so I can’t stick out there lol. I enjoy this natural dark brown hair though =)

Mix of starting T to 6.5 months on T with these! Been busy traveling to AU and NZ with my best friend to take selfies.. and my phone got stolen lol 

The last 2 photos are my new fav cause I’m in Hobbiton in from on Bag End with my best friend and then I have Kili’s sword in the last one and that was one of the best days on my NZ trip! And you can see my chin hairs!

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