Hiii babes, welcome to my first ever tumblr awards! ♥

The amazing graphic was made by my lil shit my lil angel aka Daria *~♥~♥~*

▶ must be following this underwater unicorn
reblog this post to enter, likes don’t count
▶ must reach at least 30 notes
▶ 1 winner + 1-3 runner-ups
▶ reblog until July 15th

the kevin tran award: best theme
the castiel award: best url
the gadreel award: best icon
the jo harvelle award: best updates tab
the bobby singer award: best sidebar
the bunker award: best posts
the impala award: best supernatural
the charlie bradbury award: best multifandom
the magical creature award: best [any other fandom]
the chuck shurley award: best creations (writing, drawing, editing)
the garth fitzgerald iv award: nicest blogger
the meg masters award: best up-coming blogger*
the dean winchester award: best overall
the sam winchester award: my personal favourite

*to be considered for this category, message me your follower count if you have less than 700 followers :)

▶ spot on my updates tab until my next tumblr awards
▶ my friendship sorry but ily all ok ♥
▶ promos whenever you ask (i’ll do them even if you don’t ask too)
▶ help with blogrates, polls, etc.
▶ advantage to getting in if you enter my networks

▶ spot on my updates tab until my next tumblr awards
▶ promos, my help, etc. :)
▶ mY LOVE again, sorry ♥

Reblog away my cuties! ~✿~

a list of things i want to see:

  • an spn black&white episode because soundtrack and noir!winchesters
  • musical episode
  • badass lady hunter spinoff
  • adam
  • jesse aka the cutest antichrist that ever antichristed
  • adam
  • cas saying ‘i need you too’
  • missouri moseley to knock some sense into everyone
  • 'christo’ back
  • adam

hey look how sexy is dean opening a can of beer hmmm

i really love future!dean sooo i decided to do a network yepppp

  • mbf this dean lover
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count as entries but you can like to bookmark
  • must reach 30 notes or pufff this will disappear and i will cry
  • fill out this survey or you won’t be considered
  • supernatural blog (multifandom is fine but spn must be your main fandom
  • clean theme
  • rad posts
  • amazing personality (but i know that you are all cool)
  • oh and you have to love future!dean oh yeah
  • I’ll message you and ask for an icon and description and your email
  • you’ll be added to the network page
  • you’ll need to follow at least some of the other members
  • track the tag #futuredeannetwork
  • put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • I’ll start adding people once this post gets a good number of notes
  • I’ll add people every 1-2 weeks
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!