a list of things i want to see:

  • an spn black&white episode because soundtrack and noir!winchesters
  • musical episode
  • badass lady hunter spinoff
  • adam
  • jesse aka the cutest antichrist that ever antichristed
  • adam
  • cas saying ‘i need you too’
  • missouri moseley to knock some sense into everyone
  • 'christo’ back
  • adam

some destiel AUs:

  • bakershop au where sam and dean inherit a bakery from their parents and then a new one opens up across the street owned by two friends: jessica and castiel
  • 30s circus au where dean is the owner and keeps having to break up fortune teller!charlie and dorothy, the strong man’s manager, even though everyone knows he spends every other night in accountant castiel’s trailer
  • genderswapped circus au where cassie is a dancer and deanna went to see her once and was mesmerized
  • library au where cas is a librarian and dean keeps pretending he reads way more books that he does to go there, and one day he tries to get close to cas to ask him out and accidentally pretends he’s reading cas’ favourite book
  • restaurant au where dean keeps staring at regular costumer cas until sam finally tells him to finally say something because it’s getting ridiculous
  • gardeners au where dean has a big garden and keeps planting more stuff and pretending he knows nothing about gardening for cas to go there and do everything
  • tv show creators au where sam and dean are a team of writers who end up having a writer’s block and building janitor!gabriel secretely gives them all the ideas and eventually sets dean up with his brother cas
  • picket fence au sam and jess are married and have a little kid and their neighbours cas and dean are the cutest uncles ever
  • college au where cas is a theology professor and dean teaches physics and one day one spills his coffee on the other’s shirt

Love is gone.
It flew away.
Hopeless, hapless.

No one would say
this would be the end.
A dead angel,
a blade,
black eyes,
and shaking hands.

You’d never think
it would end like this.
You didn’t mean to kill him.

Oh you poor soul.
You sweet, sweet boy.
You hopeless soldier
lost, wandering.

Oh, Dean.
What have you done?

—  If the new Cain didn’t have love on his side, he’d be the only one left standing.