so sarah b has been gone in san diego a week now and she’s currently 13,000 feet above myself, flying back to the bay. my girly and i are playing house for the long weekend, as my dad is out of town in chicago, IL from thurs-sun. 

should be quite the weekend filled with adventures, nature, my girl, kisses, lovely mornings and evenings, toking, drinking, cooking, etc. 

everyone enjoy their weekends!

see you around tumblz


My food philosophy is this: I hate labels. They stink. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition. I know I never want to have to label what “kind” of diet I subscribe to. Being dogmatic about anything, for me, just doesn’t work. Being flexible does.
—  Sarah Britton - My New Roots