blowing in the wind by Cees

I have a photo exhibiting at We Saw It Before You in a few weeks in Melbourne. Come sus

Opening September 18 / 5pm ~ 9pm
Open 11am ~ 5pm / September 18 ~ 21
Tinning Street Presents
Lot 5, Tinning Street, Brunswick
Enter via Ilhan Lane

With works from:
Adelina Onicas, Andrew Johnson, Anthony Robinson, Rebecca Capp, Ben Clement, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Caitlin Molloy, Charlie Brophy, Che Parker, Damien Melchiori, Ed Gorwell, Emma Perry, Genevieve Walshe, Henry Johnson, Hilary Sloane, Jack Harries, Jack Shelton, Jason Hamilton, Jay Dymock, Jayden Reynolds, Jessica Brent, Joel Bouchier, Kirrilee Bailey, Kresimir Saban, Kristina Arnott, Lloyd Stubber, Luke Byrne, Luke Van Aurich, Madeleine Burke, Matthew Stanton, Max D'orsogna, Maxwell Finch, Michael Danischewski, Michael Thomas, Mitchell Pinney, Morgan Hickinbotham, Nadia Mizner, Nicholas Hawker, Nick Wilkins, Nusha Gurusinghe, Paul John Nelson, Red Stevenson, Ryan Cookson, Sam Steinhauer, Sam Wong, Sarah Pannell, Simon Aubor, Sophie Gearon, Timothy Hillier, Yasmin Nebenfuhr


ok but i am so here for sarah rogers calling steve out on his bucky bullshit

like steve comes home from being out with bucky one day when he’s sixteen maybe and his lip’s all busted and his eyes are a little bruised but they’ve already been taken care of and sarah knows he wouldn’t have patched himself up so she just raises an eyebrow and let’s out a fond but exasperated sigh

steve fidgeting at dinner time pushing what little food they’ve managed to afford round the plate rather than eating it. he’s all silent which isn’t really like him because he’s always asking about sarah’s day or telling some story about bucky with that same dopey expression on his face so after a few minutes she asks if everything’s alright

“what do you think about fellas likin’ other fellas?”

sarah gives him a knowing look and a small smile and says “i think that if two people love each other, then they deserve to be together”

steve gives this little satisfied nod and actually begins to eat a little

“is this about bucky?”

he pauses for a minute and gives his head the tiniest of nods with his eye downcast at his plate because even though he knows his ma’s heart is made of gold, he’s only just begun to admit it to himself

“well you should count yourself lucky, if the way he looks at you is anything to go by”

steve doesn’t believe her of course, not until she’s already passed and bucky’s looking straight at him with nothing but sincerity as he promises to be with him right ‘til the very end - it just makes him miss her more somehow, knowing she was right all along


Untitled by Cees