FRIENDS!! Words cannot express my delight in announcing our three winners for the 2015 Nostrovia Poetry Chapbook Contest:

augustsmith’s “Bird Lizard Horse” is a poetry collection with intelligence and depth, leading us to a mournful series from which the collection draws its name.

bobschofield’s “Moon Facts” is a wild sequence packed full of surreal imagery and unexpected moods to remind us of the unending complexity in everyone’s favorite lunar friend.

sarahxerta’s “Juliet II” continues the powerful series of its title character as she reflects upon her life’s journey with unflinching, lyrical sincerity.

There were many, many amazing manuscripts that only barely missed being selected. Along those lines, Jeremiah (runtraccoonrevolution) and I echo and fully endorse the recent sentiment expressed by Metatron Press, as we simply did not have the means to publish everyone who deserved it–our talented seven finalists have some truly great work, so if you’re a small press looking for some quality writing, I would recommend hitting up these fine writers ;)

Otherwise, nostroviatowriting has already begun working with Kyle Harvey of @fruitapulp (for beautiful, customized covers) and CA Mullins of bottlecappress (for thoughtfully spec’d printing). We’ll start sending out review copies by the end of May, so PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN WRITING A REVIEW :D

Otherwise, I want to thank this writing community from the bottom of my heart for your support and interest <3 <3 We’re so thrilled to pass along these stunning collections in the next few months!