I need you to talk to Ellie, and to Morgan and my friends, and-and-and – and tell ‘em… I don’t know, I– Look, if I’m supposed to be dead just say something… that will make it okay, that will make ‘em feel alright.


(Read this in Josh Townsend’s voice.)      [insp.]

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The only fantasy ones I know of are more like horror too. But here you go.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

Two best buddies (James Corden, Mathew Horne) encounter a nest of beautiful Sapphic bloodsuckers.

The Moth Diaries

A rising body count leads a teen (Sarah Bolger) to suspect that the new student (Lily Cole) at their all-girls boarding school is a vampire. Also starring Sarah Gadon.

The Curse of Styria (Angels of Darkness)

In 1986, Lara, an alienated 16-year-old, helps Carmilla get away from a car accident, and the two start an intoxicating relationship. When Carmilla disappears, Lara’s psychic wounds cause a living nightmare that consumes an entire town.

Memento Mori

Strange events plague a schoolgirl (Gyu-ri Kim) while she investigates the apparent suicide of a student (Park Ye-jin).

The Unwanted

A troubled teen moves to a new town looking for a fresh start, only to find the town overrun with werewolves.

Jack & Diane

The romance between two teenage girls (Juno Temple, Riley Keough) quickly manifests as terrifying, violent and inexplicable.

“Look. So this spiral, this is the golden ratio and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature… in flower petals and honey bees and, you know, the stars in the galaxy and.. and in every molecule of our DNA.”

So, I’m seeing a lot of @orphanblack fans excited that 4x07 showed “Sarah is bisexual.”  If she is, that’s great. Go Sarah, kissing whoever you want. TBH, however, Sarah kissing a girl might be hot, but it seemed to me it was just being used to show how she was spiralling out of control.  That would make it a prurient scene that equated having bi makeouts (or threesomes, or whatever they ended up doing) with getting wasted, acting out and feeling bad about oneself (see the visions of Beth.)  If we had seen Sarah show any sexual or romantic interest in a woman before that, I might like the scene better, but as it was I’m not sure it was much more bisexual than Katy Perry singing she kissed a girl and liked it.  It felt very male-gaze/fantasy to me, like “whoa hot, but she usually likes dudes, right?” I’m not saying Sarah isn’t bi or on the queer spectrum, and I’m not saying my takeaway was totally right, but I wouldn’t celebrate this as some meaningful, positive coming out for the character, either.