John McCain: 'Outrageous' That Reporters Ask Me About Donald Trump
The Republican senator plans to avoid talking about the Republican president-elect until next year.

Fuck you asshole.  He’s your party’s leader.  He represents you whether you want to acknowledged it or not. So long as you are a Republican, the leader of the party represents you until you speak out against him.  Either own that shit or speak out against Trump.  You’re the jackass who brought the Tea Party to life by giving the world Tea Party darling Sarah Palin.  She empowered morons and encouraged outrageousness.  You paved the way for a jackass like Trump to be president, so don’t try to duck and cover now.

AHS: Twisty the Clown has a tragic back story.  He was so sweet and those mean people ruined him.  His story will break your heart. And now you know why he kills.


When a fuckboy got you thinking with one head.

But your other head knows this shit ain’t right.

But you know he hella fine.

Whenever a murderer is played by a remotely hot guy, fan girls be like


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