Meet James Stark-Rogers

*walks into their bedroom* ‘’Hey, sweetheart…how are you feeling? I made you dinner. It’s your favourite. And Sarah and James are missing you…so I thought I would look how you are feeling.’’

‘’Tony! I feel better, yeah. I did some thinking and I slept alot…I feel better. Come closer.’’

‘’Really? You feel better already? I’ve missed you so much…it hurt to see you like this.’’ *comes closer with James and Sarah in his arms*  ‘’We have a beautiful baby boy joining our family.’’

*smiles weakly* ‘’He’s so adoreable.’’ *holds his baby and presses a kiss on James’ nose* ‘’And how are my king and princess doing?’’

‘’We’re doing fine, Stevie. I love you so much…and so do these two little monsters. I just hope we can be a happy family now.’’

*nods* ‘’Ofourse, honey. I love you too. Now let’s feed our beautiful babies.’’ *kisses his husband before standing up*

(Thank you for sending love and for caring so much -Tony)


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