I'm Glad There Is You
  • I'm Glad There Is You
  • Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan — I’m Glad There Is You (1954)

In this world of overrated pleasures
Of underrated treasures— I’m glad there is you
I live to love, I love to live with you
Beside me, beside me, beside me
In this world where many, many play at love
And hardly stay in love 
I’m glad there is you, more than ever, I’m glad there is you

I promise when you meet your new girl, you will look for me in her. You will search for traits of me. Whenever she plugs her phone into your aux cord and its not my music or when she doesn’t call you at night to see if your okay. She won’t grab your shirt the same way when you kiss, and maybe you won’t catch her staring at you when you drive. You’ll wonder why she doesn’t sigh like me when she’s stressed or text you at 4 in the morning when she’s having a nightmare. And when you mess up again, like you always do. I know that will hit you the most that she’s not me, because maybe she won’t try to stick around. Maybe she won’t try to understand you. Maybe she will be able to hate you like I couldn’t.
No matter what she is, she’s not going to be me.
—  Sarah el

anonymous asked:

Just curious as to why you're so excited something awful like that would happen? He's still not going to date any of you guys and you should wish him happiness . Sorry if I'm missing something :( but I don't understand :(

ummm i never said he as gonna date any of us…i’m happy bc my zaddy is happy and zingle and not with a racist white girl anymore..get off my dick lmao

why do y’all anti’s have to be so bitter ? Okay, so louis ‘‘‘confirmed’‘‘ the baby, so you’re happy. great good for you. making fun of the people crying about larry being over isn’t okay though. Some people get anxious about the band, some people get stressed about all the constant drama and no actual answers being put forth, and the only solid thing that seemed unchanging throughout the 5 years was larry was (I still think is) real. that didn’t change, that (for most of us) was never doubted.

now that we have a ‘’’confirmation‘‘’ it seems as though we lost the solid part of the band, the unchanging calm in every storm.

all the posts that come around during all the drama saying ‘at least harry and louis still love each other’ aren’t really jokes for some of us, it’s what’s keeping us going.

so instead of making fun of people who believe in larry and laughing about our ship being ‘dead’, why can’t you just leave us alone ? let us be upset in peace, let us heal in our own way. we shouldn’t be ridiculed for having hope that two boys fell in love at 16 and 18 and didn’t give up.

and to my fellow larry shippers: louis got the fucking dagger