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i’m obsessed with them. how they love eachother, how they use their different types of darkness to comfort eachother, how they treat eachother… (︶u︶)  


Travel Pictures by Sarah DeRemer

Artist Sarah DeRemer is well known for her digital art (see our previous post for an example). She is also an excellent photographer and in 2016 she is traveling through Asia. The above pictures were taken in Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia. You can follow Sarah DeRemer’s travels and see her artwork on Instagram

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Here’s an updated WIP of the Dorian and Aelin picture I’m battling my way through - It’s from the scene in QOS where they kick ass in top of the glass castle.

I also filmed how I got to here from the old sketch I posted but Tumblr is being annoying and wont let me upload it.

So much work to do on the background still… so little time…

This is very much a WIP… (work in progress)

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas

Okay… Sarah Paulson (goddess), Evan Peters (bloody awesome) but where’s Lily Rabe?!? She’s 1.) A great actor. 2.) A great person 3.) SHES REALLY HOT. Not to mention, I really miss Jessica Lange. She was amazing!! Although I really like how Connie Britton from season 1 is back!! She was awesome too! We have some other actors back like Denis O'Hare, Angela Bassett and Emma Roberts who was recently in Nerve. I can’t wait for season 6, whatever the setting is now. And apparently Lana Del Rey is in now for a guest role. That could be interesting!

Eos theories

“Rowan is gonna die in eos” “Aedion’s gonna die in eos” “Chaol is gonna sacrifice his already disabled body for Aelin and die” “Elide’s is going to end up with Lorcan, not Manon” 


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