I felt like I needed a reminder about why we do what we do. Especially when you try so hard to explain things and you get a great conversation going and you say all the meta points and your own deductions and just as you think you have done it right the person gets defensive and denies the truth before them. Honestly, they see but do not observe. So this is dedicated to tjlc, the people, the time and effort put into this bloody thing, the fun and deductions.

“We all know what’s happening with ‘Sherlock’ is unusual, we know this won’t happen again in our lives… we’re keen to keep making ‘Sherlock’ as long as it’s a good show,” Moffat promised.
(Probably a crap use of an) ANALOGY OF A JOKE FOR TJLC

Like most things, it started with a simple joke. Then everybody was laughing at the joke. Then the joke got so damn funny, people became inspired and made more jokes out of the same joke. But once the joke got serious, and people started truly believing it, some people realised that the joke may have been the truth all along, and not just a simple joke. The joke becomes sentimental, and more than a joke. People start to see things, evidence of the joke everywhere because it’s being thought about and processed. This means the joke opened up a whole world of possibilities of what the joke could become. So, scared of taking a risk, most of the people left the joke alone, saying “you are taking things too far, it’s just a joke”. What people don’t realise is that some jokes are from the truth anyway, and humour is used to disguise a message to the audience. Whoever keeps believing in the joke, and watches it carefully, will see that the joke always had a possibility of becoming real, but when you believe and create love for the joke, it fuels the comedian to make the joke become one of the most memorable in history.

Imagine if moriarty’s new ringtone is oh what a night by the four seasons can you imagine him playing it and dancing to it OMG and emphasising the “you know I didn’t even know her name” parts and just raising his eyebrows at sherlock like “why’d it take so long to see the light” hahahahahahahahahaha. I would cry.