sarah's with me

i woke up this morning to multiple requests for more chat logs of my continued attempts to converse with the google assistant narrow AI on my phone…I feel like I already posted the best of (here and here), but here’s a few more:

The AI’s obvious interest in human/AI romance:

The ongoing cats vs dogs fight where it throws major shade at kittens:

Allo does not have the cool /ponystream feature that hangouts does and it made me sad:

And some of the more interesting results:

anyway i’m not too worried about a technological singularity here but it did have a ‘help teach our neural network image recognition by drawing shitty pictures’ game that was fun

anonymous asked:

Hey remember in the movie when sarah stabs a guy MULTIPLE TIMES leading to him DYING, INFRONT OF A CHILD AND TWO HIGHSCHOOLERS, AND NOBODY QUESTIONS IT???

OKAY BUT DID YOU SEE ETHAN COVER JANE’S EYES? He and Benny watched in like, half fascination half horror as she staked the dude and Jane was like “??? What’s going on I can’t see anything” 

Honestly this show defies logic and I’m just gonna put all of that on Benny’s grandma lol

can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???

Orphan Black Explained (with pictures):

A visual explanation of Orphan Black based off of the explanation from @thatgaycousin and I just picked the pictures..I know they aren’t exactly precise to the moment within the show but just bear with me:

A show about ^Tatiana Maslany’s world being thrown upside-down after witnessing

^Tatiana Maslany’s incident at the train station.

^Tatiana Maslany is soon found by

^Tatiana Maslany, who is killed

by a hidden ^Tatiana Maslany.

Another ^Tatiana Maslany contacts

^Tatiana Maslany and soon

^Tatiana Maslany meets up with ^Tatiana Maslany and ^Tatiana Maslany. Everything is kinda the same for awhile..

with ^Tatiana Maslany hunting

^Tatiana Maslany who is imitating

^Tatiana Maslany.

^Tatiana Maslany is quickly dragged into the bigger picture and meets the CEO…..