sarah's valentines


             The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Pin-Up Gotham Sirens

Sinead, Sarah, and MK wanted to do vintage pin-up versions of the Gotham Sirens for a fun and simple project in between our bigger things. Thanks to our photographer extraordinaire David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve for helping us bring Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn to life in this way! Hope you enjoy our shots, and Happy Valentine’s Day, puddin’!

On Valentine's Day
  • Aelin: *Sobbing in a corner*
  • Rowan: Baby, what's wrong?
  • Aelin: I just realized something...
  • Rowan: Yes?
  • Aelin: *wipes tear from eye* I'm so damn hot and you're so lucky to have me.
  • Rowan: ...
  • Credit to my best friend @sarahjmaasbooksaremyair
  • Happy Valentine's Day!❤💖
Feysand pickup lines
  • Rhys: *flying with Feyre in his arms*
  • Feyre: *throws hands into the air and whoops in glee* IM A BIRD!!
  • Rhys: *adoring Feyre
  • Feyre: *looks at Rhys, wraps arms around his neck* say you're a bird too...
  • Rhys: *smirks* if you're a bird, I'm a bird, Feyre darling.


hey @randamhajile, i think i got a little carried away with your request its just too cute!! ;_; i think that in this au if veronica and sarah were to meet it would be in some super nice fancy place and veronica would like have no idea that its her hero sarah right in front of her…. and they fall in love….. and then all the fun stuff happens and they start dating and all that!!! aaa!!! ////
anyway hope you like! happy gay valentines day everybody!!!!!!

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